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I can read your lips
I can read your mind
All I wanted is you
Why am I so blind

And the way we were
Fatefully entwined
In a shameless world
may blow your way
Don't be afraid, don't you be ashamed
Take a fresh breath of air
No need to be scared
We all sail on oceans of time fatefully

You are
I tried to pick my battles
'Til the battle picked me
Like the war of words, I shouted in my sleep
And you passed right by
her eye
Shes driving me crazy, driving me crazy
An' I can't believe she's beautifully, faithfully, hopelessly, fatefully mine

Shes prettier than
Promise fatefully the heart I gave you will always beat 						               
I still love you I always will I always will I still need you I							 
all backbone and labor
To which you're fatefully resigned
Don't question decisions
You are loyalty defined
Don't struggle with treason until you are
out who's fake to me
I'll slit your throat so fatefully

I'll post your body on your instagram
Have your best friends saying oh damn
But way I'm really
and brought me home
I remembered when you finally, fatefully wrote one for me
After four years together in 2013, in December
I was wrapping a gift for your
I knew right from the beginning
That I was destined to lose her
I live my life without winning
Why did I fatefully choose her?
Mine is a silent
letting go

Life, this is a lesson that we don't sign up for
But we fatefully learn
And as I grow old
Time will break me apart
From stem to bough,
The A.K. gun niggas down fatefully,
You think expectfully, just wait and see,
Young buck and D-tay nigga ready to g,
If it pays to be, the boss in the cause,
bodies, fatefully collide

It's you
Our intersection
Our Devine collision
It's you
Our intersection
Our Devine collision

Hey, hello, a joy to finally meet
Fatefully we deny the ways
Our world could change this very day

A single rock from Heaven falls
To devastate the order of all things evolved
round fatefully where we can hear,
nothing felt, nothing found.
 I have to tell myself I'm having fun way too many
times through the night.  I have
fatefully stunning way
Damn you, girl, it still hurts me
And the years just made it worse
In fact our love is divided
Between the blessed and the cursed,
sympathy is dying
I loose belief of who I am
Victims fatefully united
Imploring now in seclusion

Have you seen through my disguise?
In cold deceit
名前を捨てた僕は bail out
why I'm me, fatefully
-oh my juliet-
「ねぇ神様.. 答えてよ
あぁ.. いますぐ逢いたくて
I am just a waterdrop
Fatefully I cannot stop my fall down to earth
Like a tear from heaven sent
I don't know where my way will end
I just fly in

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