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Is Your Name

My heart is fastened to heaven 
This imperfect world will fade
But I'm anchored to the Rock of Ages
My heart is fastened to heaven 
the bastards
Long ride got the seatbelt fastened
Take time meditate on the hardest
Swift feet I can run with the fastest
A new ting’s been done
Right now a new
But the cat got my tongue

Ah, Ah, ah
I fell in love with the girl in the backseat
Ah, ah, ah
Dangerous but got her seatbelt fastened
Ah, ah, ah
We get to recordin' on 3, 2, 1 action
Paparazzi got them cameras all flashin'
Goin' for a ride so, make sure your belt's fastened
Don't run through
through the paint
Living breathing fastened by fate
Vile monster etched in dark gray
Could this really be my own face
Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint
it passion 
Baby go faster 
Ill take the passenger 
Seat belt is fastened up

Baby go faster
Let's make some magic 
And call it passion 
Baby go
She want diamonds dancing 
Lots of fashion 
Moving real fast 
I hope yo seatbelt fastened
Made something from nothing 
You can call it magic 
we stuck like a moth to a light dawg
I think we fucked gotta feelin this might last all night long
Stuck cemented fastened
Fucked demented fragments
choose to stay
Fastened to the mast
Fastened steadfast
When ageless gales
Raved right there ten feet down the plank
And promised the same fate
With just
really worth it at all
Fastened to reality
Stuck with a normality
Is that all?
Probably just resigned to the limits 
And the image in peripheral
Hung and bled 

Corpses are suspended by their feet 
Swaying dripping bloody piece of meat 
Fastened to the ceiling leaking gore 
fastened down is comin' loose
Everything is tearin' at the scene breaking up our home and all my dreams
I once believe we'd make it so I put my trust in you

The grubs are fastened 
In sackcloth and ashes 
We are the children 
Of amnesia of heaven 

held you somehow
In my heart, your memories fastened 

When I feel your touch
I can free my inhibitions
When you gave your love
You gave me more than my
Your missing pieces bits throughout the place
Is now positioned fastened up right there
Go take the time on the course or the timely race
The full estate
Fastened away
Fastened away...

Slush around the dry edge
Slush around the dry edge
I first thought in pictures
I first thought in

Like a mouse lost its home 
Left to fend with ghosts who are long gone 
Long gone 

How beautiful the world were fastened to 
How beautiful the world
anyone who gets up in the way
I've got my righteousness and yet there still be hell to pay
And though the ire will not relent I'm fastened to my ways
Wreaking havoc, like a savage
I'm just tryna catch a play like Madden
Make sure you keep your seat belt fastened
I drive wild and I really love crashing
Fostered from the earth 
Fastened to the rock
Every night his liver hurts
Will he ever make it off?
Will he ever make it off?

Body of clay keeps him rooted
Ready for take off, got my seat belt fastened
I know its my time
Niggas really stop at stop signs
Gotta go and get mine
Niggas tryna stop my shine
I gotta
down you moving to fast son" /
but i gotta move, only good as my last one /
listen to the captain, get your seatbelt fastened /
and all she want to know
fastened in
Where will I go? What will I see? Will I become what I always wanted to be
Ionno but this is life how I imagined it
My ambition drive a lambo
please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the captain turns off the 'fastened seat belt' sign
We also remind you to please wait to use any

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