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Insinuating with its knowledge
Perched above my chamber door
Silent sat and staring
Nothing more

Askance, askew
The self's sad fancy smiles
All right
I can hear the ocean in a shell, but,
For the life of me, I never heard your surges
More than raindrops in a well.
Paladin tribe, break
Shit man, I had mo' bitches than muthafuckin Con-ed got switches, boy
        I had hoes, loads of hoes, you know what I'm sayin
        Hoes, hoes, you
* this is a remake of ed o.g.'s "I got to have it"

We gonna do it like this, yo this is aceyalone
Giving a big shout out to ed o.g.
I had a dream about my man last night
And my man came by the studio
And his name is
Busta Rhymes in effect, Shaheed is in effect
Phife Did-awg is
Chargin like Natron by any means
These collard greens is goin' quicker than the forests are evergreen
Now one-time tryin ta shut me down 'cause
the same damn spot
Go'on, do da "Stanky Leg"
It's better than talkin' bout shootin' people in the head
I'm headed out to Oakland, the sun lies there

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