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on Praed Street behind the glass 
A picture process, in one hour fast
Intimate portraits of topless wives 
Flashed indiscretions, snap-happy lives
Clothes don't make the man it's the other way around
I live by this and I'm still platinum bound
Mistakes were definitely made in the past
the music I be doin' it, be losin' it, I'ma make it really tough for me to grow
All I wanted was a family portrait
See my babies on a ranch with horses

Welfare checks and government cheese
Take your family in portrait, everybody smile say cheese
And it's a wonder how I kept my head from goin' under
down and I run at you

I'm painting portraits while endorphins spinning
I'm high as hell when indulging in these gorgeous woman
Pave the future
become their lives.
The television has so dampened people's anger.
The population is mesmerised by the flickering screen
And the streets, where