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Over seers directive evolution what once took us millions of years   
Accelerated they aid our growth facilitated now they evoke  
World shapers,
facilitated by a simple touch from me
(A simple touch) 
I'm so high on the natural things
Like the way we love each other without our bodies

I never felt this
the drugs that Bush brought in
Its funny how its maybe his stash your son got in
Man, Uncle Sam facilitated the plan
Got weed dealed in miligrams and grams
back I facilitated
When I sound off, you a groundhog
That's a casket and a pillar waiting
Magic in a dope spot, four chickens that's Popeye's
out extended like a sprout of madness inside the mouth
Its pulling me deeper facilitated sleeper manipulated creeper
Regurgitated winter regenerated
demanding, no understanding 

Some people's religion
Only leads to eternal division
Escalated, facilitated
Feels so jaded, too long out dated

I don't want
talking about before I even touched the age of 10
Had to pick and choose which parent that I loved the most 
My mom facilitated while my dad was playing
Enveloping another strain of superstition
Where we’re trapped inside our ways, questioning our significance
Aided, Abetted, facilitated, unthreatened
A conversation
About everything
In the film
Except homophobia
Even though the auditorium
Had broken out in jeers and laughs
During that section
Behold, the end of a planet
Evisceration of this world
Overvalued our existence
Facilitated this final scourge
Greed, has spread the infection
So we
She facilitated and helped me cultivate it
And that's what I wanted to do

I studied classical music first
Um But first I played by ear and they
greed has facilitated an environmental killing spree!!!
not go
Now I see scars

I willingly made
I facilitated one need
Now here I lay
Tell me what was I

What was I thinking
Tell me what was I
A conversation with grandpa Eddie that followed Christmas
Gifted wit wisdom
Oliver people frames facilitated his vision
He said a statement and I

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