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The only laws of matter are those our mind must fabricate, 
And the only laws of mind are fabricated by matter
could use the rest

Me and you, living under a paper moon
'Cause real life just isn't right
Let's fabricate
Me and you, living under a paper moon
Now you can manhandle the maladriot missile.
Now you can fabricate the fabulous flight forte.
Delcepts, titiods, altiques and other muscle groups
Led down the path of darkness
A black trial of despair
Entranced, lost momentarily
Walking on

End it all
Walk that path again

Fabricate my
the thing to
Bring it down the panic of in a moments time bomb the
Artful dodge to fabricate a polarizing opposite
Political intention to keep it poor
Now devastate, appreciate
Depreciate, fabricate
Emulate, the truth dilate
Special date, the animal we ate
Guilt debate, the edge serrate
A better
Miss calculating incline
Open wide
Tickle and jiggle
In a rigidity giggle

Irresponsible mind
Of human kind
Makes, create, produce, fabricate
Like pretty Kate has sex ornate 
Now devastate 
The truth dilate 
Special date 
The animal we ate
Now devastate
The truth dilate
Special date
The animal we ate
Guilt debate
The edge serrate
A better rate
a lie
Please be my alibi
I wanna make believe itæ?¯ real
Thatæ?¯ just the way I feel
Thereæ?¯ nothing left to fabricate
Did I mention that Elvis is alive?
Fabricate salvation
Lord, I know your type
I've known you all my life
I was always wrong, you all in white

Brush my cause aside with little trouble
to here morbid

Desert ice cream eyes so deceiving fraternize carefully
Create vision fabricate smash to pieces watch and wait crash glass houses
Please look them straight in the eye

Call it suicide
Don't fabricate
Just tell them babe
It was suicide
Don't sugarcoat it
Just let them know

dominate - fabricate - co-exist.
Animate - motivate - instigate - to divide.
All intensive purposes.
All intensive purposes.
A functional virus - sent in
adore them 

Let them satisfy the ego of the male 
Let them fabricate success for those who fail 
And should penalties pursue them 
When there's
You fabricate what I'm feeling
You rise up riled and I'm reeling
I swallow salt and you're kneeling
We lie and stare at the ceiling

You close my
With all you fabricate
How can you grip reality

Show now mercy
Vengeance mine
Deception led to nothing
That is what you are

Over before
could lie to my face
And fabricate a flood to get through to me
I went away and you found a replacement
So call him, don't call me
To the girl that
Push us further from the sea

Elementary high university, why
After school it's up to you
To fabricate all the lies

Close the window blinds
Beautiful excuses
Always tragic perfect bait
They grip you as they captivate
Twist, but do not fabricate
Then imply they implicate
You get

Next step is to gain approval from those ignore
Those who recognize the charade
To fabricate alternatives designed to be expensive
In hand with
This God 
And there's no use explaining 
What can't be contained 


How we gonna work this out? 
To fabricate a God like this no
of dust up in the sky
Where tiny clouds go sailing by
Pull me down today
Woven in the fairy tales, we fabricate each day
Are little golden strands
to fabricate a smile. 
The fluorescent lights make us wilt like the plants that cannot be trained to stay alive! 

I fill my house with technology so I don't
She watches him as he is leaving
She waits all night till he comes home
She fabricates another reason to stay
She's always so afraid of being alone

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