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The Fabled City (Tom Morello) · The Fabled City (Tom Morello) · The Fabled City (Tom Morello) · The Fabled City (Tom Morello)

Look into my eyes
There's no sign of life
Fabled tales of daemon
Caress temptations bliss
Like a splintered finger
Removing poison from her lips
Long ago in a fabled land
In dwelling caverns strangely dim
They seek the ruler's helping hand
Unknowing the evil side of him

Sorrowful demons
join the fabled few.

Starlight in the sculpture garden
With a stainless steel balloons

In the garden, In the gardenI beieve the artists knew.
At night
In a weapons producing nation under Jesus
In the fabled crucible of the free world
Camera crews search for clues amid the detritus
And entertainment
Sing on! Oh earth's fair daughters
Love had ne'er an hour so bright,
In fabled days of yore.
The cadenc'd oar will rhyme
To the measure we
My favorite kiss
Just when her mouth is warm
Yes, that's definitely my favorite one

Earth be torn
Let out the fabled twist
The wanting is there
she never wondered why 
Until the news spread far and wide 
Of a boy who never cried 

From fabled lands the pilgrims came 
To behold the silent
exults me, promises me the tender touch of the
serpents dreams. O' to dark foundations grey deliverance, mesmerized by descent shrouded in calm.
of the world I have travelled
Risking all to bring home this fabled Creature in a box for all to see.
the serpentine sun of tragedy basked

Stood there cursing at the soul-dead mass
With their fabled illusions, the vain dreams that passed
Splinters of a life
We're waiting for the call

Join us! Black valor's on our side
Striking with satanic force we'll crust their fabled Christ

Decimated by
ground of fabled
Inclusion can't dissuade
The deftly swayed

Based on need in triple speak
They've metaphorically screwed you
of fabled imagery
Descendent's of your mystic crown
Walk your land where ghosts abound


Island of Avalon as real as we pretend
and tide
I hide inside the fabled night
'Cause I know I'm a monster child

Under the sun

I know your middle name
Who inspires your fabled fools
That's my claim to fame

Jive Miguel
He's in from Bogota
Meet me
Cathedral spires
'Cross the yellow mountain switchbacks
And the rapids far below
On the high and lofty trestles
Near the fabled mines of Ophir
In the silver

Unspeakable beauties
Ruins of fabled places
Soiled testimonies
Of ancestor races

Relics captured in stratas
For ages, have been hiding
as we roll in it together tonight.

What unruly life is like what is fabled wisdom like?
This indulgent grace is spinning round 
And leaving all
like and fantastic heroes
Feeling like lost little children in fabled lands
So I listen for each and every friendship
In this Real Cool World
on tabling fabled blisses

I’d love to see you waving
From the far side of the swim
Gathered in by a waiting troop of the open- hearted
Where colour field
you go sane

Every time I take a look inside inside that old and fabled book
I'm blinded and reminded of the pain caused by some old man in the sky
here tonight 
You'd be the first away, because you're that type 
And the year two thousand won't change anyone here 
As each fabled promise flies so
Frozen into coats
White girls of the north
Filed past one, five and one
They are the fabled lambs
A Sunday ham
The ancient snow

And they
With a fistfull of fractures 
Our fabled femme fatale 
Spoilin' for another fight 
Scaling the mountain, I have given up my pride 
and I'm clinging to this rocky edge, a rose thorn in my side 
It's fabled contradiction,