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Blowing kisses off his face
Like flies, like little flies
Blowing like a grouper fish
Floating through the reefs

His card says executive
But it
thousands of young performers
She's neat, blonde, welcoming
And very much in control
Her office on the top of a seemingly
Crumbling 50s building

Brk baron probouzí můj hněv
Fashion fashion píčo swag in black
Drew neni xindl executive chef

À la carte výběr
Zrychluje se tep
8 Brk baron probouzí
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Executive Foyer
I will be your hostess today
Please be sure to sign in with our secretary
If you have
ev?ry editorial staff 
Over a beer they agree 

The man of the year 
Is the air minded executive 
Who dearly loves to fly 
He was an up to date
a lord.
ARTHUR:  What?
DENNIS:  I told you.  We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune.  We
take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the
thought got better over night
So what’s shaking, a complication

I though by now I’d be 5’11”
I’d be hanging out with the top banana
Executive access
ev?ry editorial staff 
Over a beer they agree 

The man of the year 
Is the air minded executive 
Who dearly loves to fly 
He was an up to date
automatic makes me weak at the knees
My craving feeds at the palm of your hand
Executive attention yes the kind that relieves

You've got the instruments
executive consecutive it be hard to sit
And if I said it Ima stand on it shoutout to my moms she aint raise a bitch
I don’t wanna say too much
They too
Where has everybody gone
These Label executives all sipping Dom Perignon
I am no cherry bomb
I’m that guy that makes songs that your girl has so many
a freak okay
I say
Be a freak okay
Be a freak okay
I say
Be your self
Be your self
Be your self damn it
This like executive train
This like executive train
living with executive tans
That's how it starts and how it ends
When you're living with executive tans
Such a subtle way of dying
With your plastic stare
saw her standing there
She had to be a young executive
She looked so corporate and clean

And I thought I'd seen her somewhere before
On the cover
These executives have plooked the fuck out of me
And there's still a long time to go before I've
Paid my debt to society
And all I ever really
I'm that nigga
I'm yo neighbor
I got all the flavor
Don't invite me to no cypher i bring all the danger 

Goin big
Go executive I'm going major I'm
bring them to devour)

Extinction by contract executive order
Moths lured by blinding disorder
Fatal shivers go down the spine
Swan song anthems chanted
that you know that you know that he reigns
Join the heavenly symphony!

Wewe ni landlord, mwenye Dunia
Umetuweka hapa, tunakuchungia
Wewe ni Executive
Every race get involved
Im Screaming F***
The Police and Executives
The Voices In My Head Tell Me
This Is It !
(lit !)
Kill The Lights
She's the, fineee type
Pour a glass of, wineee type
Sit back and reclineee type
The wanna make her mine type
Executive member at the Costco babe
myself, I mean I live on my own
I'mma get to the point, blank shot, Al Capone
I ain't friends with snakes, I'm an executive producer
Wait for them to talk

The Bull Grecian says, "What have you read?"
I come from there, it's executive-sized
It's useless he shares, these legs are all wrong
I'm not trapped in your... (3x)
Executive slacks.
I can't be your...
I can't work as...
I can't be your...
Executive slave.
And what can you
Little blood clock 
You could never test I 
You come close 
Just close my left eye 
See with my third 
The rest you never heard 

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