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cannot forget all your breaths
Panting excitedly with my hands around
Your neck

Shades are drawn
No one out can see
What I've done
What's become
never morose
Absurdly profouned
Fresh insides come out
Excitedly done
My purpose in life
To kill just for fun

Frenzied hacking
Morals lacking
The foundling die, is close excitedly
Raise head and stomp the blood
I'm not even soundly

I'm alive
I got the silver
And I wonder
What will you follow?
didn't see, talked excitedly
a soak
caged sleep
went to intervene then it lunged at me
blue soak
caged sleep

i want to win
i want to win 

Not to lean 

The foundling die, is close excitedly 
Raise head and stomp the blood 
I'm not even soundly
tracing decay
Thriving in the glow that death emits, the warm perfume it radiates

Revolting conformity. Hive mind unity

Excitedly their madness
The moment of winning the gold medal
I cry,
Majestic music,
I sang the National Anthem excitedly.
The motherland is always in my
keep trying me
Yes I talk 'bout that money excitedly
Money mission my niggas gon' slide with me
You know I'm on a roll like a tire be
Niggas tough
he'll stop this mindless trial
Why won't he dare make a move

He was excitedly
Relieved to slowly sway
Towards his inner needs 
The one adhered but not
She came out of the cold

Tomorrow, she's mine to have and to hold
She came out of the cold
Excitedly, the next night I arrived there
Hype for me excitedly, swipin' like if door arounds
Swipa, no-swipa, no bitin', no knawin' now
Now or never, I'm around whatever if the call is out
For you and the rest of the world

They talked excitedly
She went to take his crutches in routine of care
He chiding, gestured
We have a guest
They were talking excitedly about the amazing
Feeding of the multitude that afternoon

When Peter arrived, he told them 
Jesus said he wanted time
excitedly telling everyone
Today is the best day of our life

Ireti pi pe lo mokan sa ko lo
Abi go slow mu o lona Falomo
O de gbe keke ko yara
Okan mi wa lona
You used to light up the room
And now the magic is gone

Your soul
Your soul and body
You believe me
If your dreams escape your lips
And force

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