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You Say you like doing surfing
There is a dream
on wave without fail
I got Luna...
I got Luna...
I got Luna...
I got Luna exchanged by life
A little
pounding rain
I looked at you and we exchanged

I love my sister's touch
A loudspeaker's up above
Oh lady suck in deep from our paper
Come somehow, oh
I can see you I'm no longer ashamed 
Your power I feel see our lives have exchanged 
Every wrong is erased, Jesus 
You are my hero you came and you
I can see you I'm no longer ashamed 
Your power I feel see our lives have exchanged 
Every wrong is erased, Jesus 
You are my hero you came and you
And exchanged your soul to the sea
(English lyrics not found)
Gonna stop
Gonna stop
Before it's too late
Gonna stop
When you have changed
And exchanged your soul
the nightmares take their toll

It's the dawning of the day
Night-time's panic swept away
When the clouds which seemed so dark
Are exchanged for morning's lark
So sex will be exchanged
I heard your head is crazy
Well my dick is deranged
Bout to blow you back up at the flame

Champagne is my Viagra
Shameless money, eat your money, eat your vultures quick But keep the faith They say they'll free us from our pain, but, You liberty is exchanged I said you
of what you make so far!)
But I'm not having it, I load the SLR
Pack the ganja boom! They break down the door
Pop-pop! T'ree shots, exchanged at close range
I'm gonna sit and wait for you to call
Then I remember
We never exchanged numbers
So please
Catch me if I slip and fall
My IQ's zero, my
you've heard him say,

There must  be consequences
Some form of recompense exchanged
For all your great successes
For every atom of your fame

Now your
The beat shelter I do find
And this life, it reminds me all the time
We should all just live for dancing

Movement has exchanged
Feel it in
see you changed all the lawn it looks greener every time

Now I got a backpack and a suitcase going anywhere
Exchanged your belt for a shoelace
Oh, many hands exchanged with a smile
And the warmth at your fingers
Sometimes burned
And it's good to know that you're mine
And it's good to know
I'm tearing myself to pieces 
Over words exchanged 

Nowhere close to our destination 
Pockets full of imagination 
Yes! I know that we'll get there
No words are exchanged
A shadow and its cursed embrace
The way it moves and pushes into you
Hands clench and eyes close
The way its lips caress your
Let it take hold.
We have perverted, destroyed the truth
Exchanged for a slant or fiction that feeds the part of me
That will become the darkest
were exchanged in this blare
stare is all that came to mind
at a loss of speech I, was standing in amazement

now is it possible that she, is it possible
There maybe wars, there maybe fights
Things I believed in, losing sight
Money exchanged for hate and greed
But I'm still hungry
For your basic
Hard to believe
That Adam and Steve
They never had to leave

Hard to explain
The power exchanged
In there, looking for some strange

Tropical taint
it most
To be exchanged for a purer form of pain

My ribcage will replace a ladder's rungs
Leading me towards 
The ceiling of my curse
And exchanged love's bright and fragile glow
For the glitter and the rouge
And in a moment they were swept before the deluge

Let the music keep our spirits
And the love we exchanged mid the flowers

Come and sit by my side if you love me
Do not hasten to bid me adieu
But remember the Red River Valley
Time was
When we had fun on the school swings,
When we exchanged graduation rings
One lovely yesterday.
Time was
When we wrote love letters in

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