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The Evolutionist  


another hill
With different views in their eyes
Gifted actors from another play
New evolutionist
New evolutionist
Example A has a brand new suit
B, C and D
reactionary, running-dog, revisionist
(Bet your life) Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, creation, evolutionist
(Bet your life) rational, romantic, mystic, cynical,
evolutionists, for justice
People try to front and call us prejudiced
I know they know the truth, they call us battlers
The great warriors, systematic radicals
It’s not a dirty word it’s truth
Those evolutionists got one thing right
I have adapted to the Father’s Light
Tell me what You want me to do
An expressionist 
A communist 
An explicitly vivid post-modernist 
An evolutionist 
A revolutionist 
A monarch mocking royalist 
An elitist 
A curvy cubist 
Exuberance, kids
Luminous off evolutionist lips
Revolution, that's my solution to a nuisance of wits
I'm Superhuman maneuvering through humorous riffs
I don't
with neanderthals and jelly fish
The revolutionary evolutionist, let me be the tooth fairy
'cause when it comes down to bitin', I make damn sure
How many MC's must get dissed?
Yo, motherfucker let me speak on this
I be that lyricist, pugilist, with an educated fist
Evolutionist forced to exist
We're on the enemy's hit list 
I'm hopin' you get this 
You're takin' a risk when you resist, 
The One who made you exist. 
Evolutionists, we got love

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