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Deliver me from evil

The sorcerer is planting his seed
Growing the fools and the victims he needs
His empire's covered by a black sky
The danger zone
Born to refuse, and raised to exclude
Fed myths to disprove by post-colonial prudes:
The city was evil, some country was evil, the hippies were
scratch your face 

Nervous, like a cat
Gonna jump through my skin
Shadows on the wall
Stretching out, grope for me 

Evil, evil
Evil, deep in me
co-stars name
I play both good and evil parts
I sing to Verdi's grave

And every single morning
By 10 a.m I'm dressed
My rehearsals last for hours
shooter of a drive-by,
Smokin' cain, sellin' joints in jr High
Head from a minor, sex with animals,
Butthole surfers, a fucked up rehearsal,
Lost pawn
cannot hide the face of death
Oppression ruled by bloodshed
No disguise can deface evil
The massacre of innocent people

Deviated lies fear blinding
Longing for the schoolyard 
Reaching for the scenes 
Reminded by the songs that will never disappear 
Random like the infants 
Outdated like
And whisper in your ear
That this is life.
If you're old enough to face it,
You are old enough to fake it,

To get what you desire and still ask why.
& autumn leaves are turning brown
Night light
I look to find you not around
& the wind blows
Scorn into the face of fools who
The forming of pure evil
Created by man
Betrayal of the masses
Leaves blood upon the bricks
Damaged lost and suffering
Into the black we slip
want me

Praise god when you see her face
When she walks by you will speak his name
But when you're broken hearted
You'll know where evil started
weapons are colliding
And our peace is sinking like Poseidon
But, we know that the one (one)
The evil one is threatened by the sum (sum)
So he'll come
For every reason
There's a season
Face up to the facts
Four by two I'm leaving you
Foul play
No longer fair play
It's just a reality
Four by two
Sometimes the angels punish us
By answering our prayers
By answering our prayers

A face of naked evil
Turns the young boy's blood to ice
The deadly
burns in my veins
Anger, shows on my face
Hatred, it poisons my soul
Look out, I'm about to explode

Evil ones try to destroy us
We're armed
me now and change your shape, put a mask on your face
Bad magic, evil eye
your nails down in me
I raise my structure high
You pout, I snarl, you whimper
And wave compassion by

You give me evil fantasies
I wanna get inside your
Where am I now?
Have I turned blind?
Broken down by the guilt of my killing hand

My bleeding victim
Folds her hands an prays
My bleeding
to understand belief 
Hustling was like a gift spent my share of time in the streets 
Taught me survival from this evil I'm just gonna have to deal with 
And I
Face the Evil mentor of this place
Dying but not praying for this slaughter to cease
Death defying urge to severe life
Devils will chant the deeds
burns in my veins
Anger, shows on my face
Hatred, it poisons my soul
Look out, I'm about to explode

Evil ones try to destroy us
We're armed
Mighty and brave is the fighter of shade
He's prince of the darklands... Dargor his name
Adopted by Vankar, old wizard of Helm
Disciple of evil he
Today I've seen the shallow face I wear
Inside this shell, a living hell endures
I'm held captive by my fear, decaying hope and wasted years
Lend me your lonely faces
Sheltering in darkened places
The reckoning is at hand

Unchain tomorrows rain
Let's wash the evil far away
The world
face of evil is always the face of total need'
[W.S.Burroughs, 'Deposition: Testimony concerning a sickness']


Control, control


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