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Follow you around 'til it's time
Time to leave
Swimming into the idea of your scene
There all the while proving patiently
I earned to lie by you
In the evidence of its brilliance
In the evidence of its brilliance
Love controlled by time
Future lovers shine for eternity
In a world that's free
You caught me by surprise 
Now I know the reason why Love is the alibi

And I can't get past the evidence, 
I can't get past the proof, 
I can't
There is a theory about us
What we always never
In the background on the shadow
Another theory about us

Today's evidence taken by the new wave
You ain't got no
Evidence, evidence, evidence, evidence

The flow's connected like I knew people
Director of photography, I shoot people
Named by
Fingerprints on clouded out transfers and identity theft.
Where forged documents guarantee safety.
Shredded evidence of some obscure masquerade.
is considerable evidence of open-field villages as far back as the tenth century. Professor Moorhead: 
(Dramatic metal chords, reminiscent of British
a passer-by
(I'm falling again)
He wanted to see some evidence
(I'm falling again)
That he could really fly

Balanced on the edge only time could tell
Evidence of a new religion
I'll spare you the details
Effluent from a bloated business
With replica shirt sales

Two for the kids, one for
on to grow on
Believe in everything leaves me cold
Too many promises not enough evidence of my soul

Nothing to go to grow on
Interrogate the truth until
The say the world was coming to an end 
Well, it was by our own hand.
Turned out the world kept turning, only we ended.
All the evidence was there
God bless here's a man of conviction
With evidence enough to convict him so he stands by the
Side of the victim has strength enough to forgive him
Frightened and bewildered, not making any sense
Dazzled by the virgin's radiance

And the icons in the church crying tears of blood
The water in the wells
before his face

There is a man, intensive care
When he awakes he will declare,
"I've been dead for twenty years!
I won't let twenty more go by"
Boy who
Burning the corpse
Consumed by the flames
They never will find
In the furnace
You cease to exist
Investigations fail to find a single useful
Raped by bullets
Innocent dead
Evidence elimination
Strategy spread

Wardead through bloodshed
Face-up, forgotten corpses unburied

stains have been replaced
Oh, everything you've done has been erased
By the evidence of love
So, you don't have the right, no, you don't have the right
When opinion is 
Brought on by suggestion 
The anecdote 
Is not evidence enough 
For handouts of daily anesthetic 
To disguise the next
One day we are young

And by the next one we are old despite the years
And tears of gold precede the rapture

Time has its way with everyone
my reach
Cause how could you save the day
If you're a million miles away

Who's to say what you can't see can't be found
There's evidence of your
To be shade cast by 
The forms of mortal men
The light cuts around my body
Revealing evidence of times 
Before my presence
"Crumble" by Ultraspank

Staring at the empty
I need to move along
Choose to see it your way
Leaves me all alone

I need to find a reason
The difference between a hero and a coward? There 
is no difference. One time or another everyone's felt
fear. It's what one person does
"I annihilate your type if you violate" [Malik B] 4x

The beginning, yeah
You know, it's never too late to start over

You hid your skeletons when I had shown you mine
You woke the devil that I thought you'd left behind
I saw the evidence, the crimson soaking