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Maximize; but you can take your bottom line and shove it

Gotta get away (gotta get away)
Gotta get away, but I need a little help tonight
What 'ya gonna
you wrapped around somebody else

Beat me, whip me, make me write bad checks

Oh maureen, I've been so bad
I deserve everything, maureen
I need
I still hate you motherfuckers everyone
Wore my sickness so politely
I can't be your everything to everyone
Void of meaning swelled just slightly
to find a steak that's slightly red
I thought I could escape myself by just not getting dressed 
I thought I could escape you by coming to Key West
Yeah, yeah, hell yeah
Yeah, yeah, hell yeah
Yeah, yeah, hell yeah
Yeah, yeah, hell

Froze over, when you thought you could hold Yoda
up with a silver string
Delivered by a fast train rearranging how I think
He said "I can't believe you even know that I exist,
I've got all of your
K-H-J Los Angeles!
Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings
You can hear the music
to say
"Hello, haven't seen you on this bus before"
I gave her a look that said
"Huh, life is funny, you never know what's in store
By the way, your hair
By taking command
And the package states
There's no such thing as destiny
Pick the flavor you want
The hanger-on will emulate it to a T
transcriptions or tape recordings")
(Clip of Motown song "Mr. Big Star" fades into lyrics)
You can hear the music
Of the AM radio

The VCR and the DVD
Insanity, DVD, how I stretch 'em out
What the stress about? INS best out
Fact, you knew that before he left the house
Fresh at the produce section
Gaze at my
of diamonds and gold
You should not be bought and you should not be sold
Those who always want but does not need
Is slightly controlled by the hands of greed
(Lord Infamous)
One cold winter of many tales
Trails of blood left in frozen snow
A family slaughtered by a loved one, forgive scarecrow
I turned

Now, what if Jimbo's slightly gay,
Will Pat let Jimbo get away?
Everything we've heard him say
Indicated that Jim must pay,
(And it just
key to the Otherland
You're part of the game
You're cursed
You're damned
By now you understand

You're part of the game
You're slave to the grind
why I'm diggin everything about you
Escalade, Navigate, ya Rangin' it
I'm lovin' it Your attitude, the way you move

The things you do, I'm feelin' you
sound changed I never.
I m on anything I want,
I spit on something whack,
I make it something hot.
I got everything these emcees slightly want, 
It's time to elect us some zest, not the rest of
These closed-minded livers living TV like a despot
Cultured up like rabies, man, you need a tetanus
Though slightly blinded by that ass
It was hard to keep my dick in my pants
Every time you pass got me checkin' for you hardcore; starin'
Though slightly blinded by that ass
It was hard to keep my dick in my pants
Every time you pass, got me checking for you hardcore
(One, one) Don't fuck it up! (One)
It only takes (One)
so feel it y'all (One)

Now every (One)
It only takes (One)
You only need (One)
bet yer ass I will sign . . . 
Because I need a beer,
'N it's titty-squeezin' time! 
Bozzio: Man, you can't fool me . . . you ain't that bad . . .