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There's a lake of black gold
There's an island, place
Of my great battle
There's an eagle and a snake

Graceful your evasions
That allow me
Force evasion
Soul evasion

This is the army of a horrific and damned cause
They were repaired and are back from this side called
Modern clear cut fighting gun

Chicane destination
Impach imminent no evasion
Chicane destination
Impach imminent no evasion
Impach imminent no
must feel quite certain that the love is so real
Your hidden persuasion seems quite sincere
Perhaps my evasion is meaningless fear
Since every gain
Pero piensa que es posible la evasión
Los edificios son barracones inmensos

Con una paisaje gris de alambradas sin fin
Y hay una sucia red,
scratching at your throat
Concealed his doubt
By skillful evasion

But he couldn't find out
About deception
The bogus man is on his way
As fast as he
Un instant d'évasion 
Bonjour petits papillons
Secret bien gardé
Mon jardin à moi
Me suffit

Un instant d'évasion
Bonjour petits papillons
God wants to heal cancer
Christians are commanded alcohol is good!
Evasion of crutches you partake of the dust of the ground
I know some of you
Assembled in a mass grouped inside
Pigeon holes constructed by a sketch a factory of evasion the worms crawl to
The wine like salt
To a slug they
Come let us bleed
Be mine needle me
My syringe
Let this touch flow through my veines
And do not hold back
I will give you my life
juntos esta evasión

Empújame, al abismo que hay en tí
Atrévete a hacer historias, junto a mí
Enséñame, las cosas que nunca entendí

y déjame hacerlo
programando mi gran evasión 
Entre altivos delirios de seguridad 

¿Qué se siente al ser tan joven? 
Dime qué se siente en pleno caos emocional 
¿Qué se
programando mi gran evasión 
Entre altivos delirios de seguridad 

¿Qué se siente al ser tan joven? 
Dime qué se siente en pleno caos emocional 
¿Qué se
Cautivo del vacío 
El amigo de la reina evasión 

Tú sabes que siempre quise amar 
Ah ah! Ah! 
Pero soy un libertino mas 

Tu sabes que yo
tractor beam
Bringing the craft to me
Disable the robot for my own use
To aid my escape
Fleets of ships are now arriving,overtaking
Physical evasion is
The hand that I caught wasn't all that well

My first and hopefully last
Skin collision past
Falling to the occasion
A means to my evasion

gone are the days of evasion existence is how 
you create it what ever compels you to keep 
on embrace it so long ad the missing piece
Indoctrination, affiliation, penitentary and jail evasion 
For liberation and publications 
Spell THE COUP with capitalizations 

I was on the verge
He once hired illegal aliens
She was known for fraud and tax evasion
He cost us over ten million jobs
Her husband is a big drunken slob
Goodbye le goût de l'évasion
Bonjour l'asphyxie de l'amour
Ce goût de smog au petit jour
Le coeur qui meurt par combustion

A trop aimer j'ai pris
To the methods of persuasion, turn a blind eye
To the masters of evasion, turn
To the science of control, turn a blind eye
To a world in chains,
Pris dans la machine - où sont tes rêves - tes évasions
Oh n'oublie jamais d'ensoleiller les imaginations.

Refrain (X2)

Dans les rues de la ville
Sólo soy un soplo de calor 
Una ráfaga de amor 
Esa nube que se va 
Soy nada en tu figura 
Sólo soy 
Tu dosis de pasión 
Tu refugio tu evasión
rich or body-tax evasion
And they'll pay some stoned stockbroker's son
To phone and say,

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