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I eurostep all of my problems
Pourin up the cup
but the liquor won't solve them
I'm headed straight to the bottom
I need some help
I eurostep all
Hehehe he he he
Hey hvað er þetta
Byrjaði daginn klukkan sex
Fór upp og fékk mér
Giannis vex og vex
Eurostep eins og
'em with the Eurostep
If you post up with the opps
You're a opp now, can't nobody back it on a hero flex
Been in every city 'round the globe, clicked
Run like Harden hit you with the left hand (Eurostep)
All these stupid rappers want my bread damn (Oh they do)
Media they say I ain't the best man
Keep it a hunnid, zero zero
Need me like a hunnid zero zeros
Long bread, mi amor, that's a churro 
French bread, no croissant, that's a eurostep
Don't fuck with me (Don't fuck with me)
I'm a young boy (I'm a young boy baby)
You see the man in me (You see the man in me baby)
Imma eurostep
everyone fake
All I know is that I get paid
I be drivin' right down that lane
You standin' there lookin' afraid
I euro-step, shimmy, and shake, glidin'
I Euro-step past a hater like I'm Rondo (wow)
I upgrade your baby mama to a condo (wow)
Like Chapo servin' yayo to the gringos
Black Beatle,
the euro-step
Got a sneaker deal and I ain't break a sweat
Catch me 'cause I'm goin' outta there, I'm gone
How I go from 6 to 23 like I'm LeBron?
Servin' up
I Euro-step past a hater like I'm Rondo (wow)
I upgrade your baby mama to a condo (wow)
Like Chapo servin' yayo to the gringos
Black Beatle,
You gonna make one of the gremlins jump from the back
Put the strap over the shoulder like the jumpers is back

Yeah, the Eurostep
The German rutger
game we can take it to the court
I’ll bust a 32 in a minute tho
Pulling up like Kobe, eurostep young Ginobili
I go hard like Russ got an O in the back
million dollars worth of drip
Hangin' 'round my neck, can't ego trip (Uh-uh)
Ballin' with a eurostep
Fly fat nigga, you ain't seen this drip (Bend over)
Like a Eurostep
Ain't No Half Steppin'
Hip-Hop's my weapon
Keep it protected
Like a contraceptive
My wit is so sharp
That it can pierce your ear
plenty cash
Bout to spend it fast
Get a Fendi hat
And a fanny pack
Eurostep in Balenciag
on Atlantic Ave
Sipping Henny black
Shining like a camera flash
be sure to have my dividends
Niggas never held my hand and showed me the game
I had euro-step thru the paint when I'm driving the lanes
And I was
Nigga that's the stock in me
I know she a skeeze
She told me it's free
I peep game, play overseas
Eurostep into these jeans
I come from the streets
Eurostep the stress now
But first I need an entrance, and a hasty exit
Build love up like it was endless 
I sense the tension, ya
Gimme the night, mo George
not love you, they just say bro
Step to any nigga, yea I know I ain't right I might eurostep to any nigga
I ain't never play nice, yea step on anybody,
im living
Y'all been sleeping imma visit
Imma pivot like Ginobli
Eurostep to the finish
I got missions Tomb Raiding
I got visions that's so raven
talk, better be about some big money
Type to make 'em put they foot in they mouth
I'mma bonafide boss got it straight out the South
Had to euro-step it up
too sick with the stick showing off the specs nigga
Hopping out the foreign call that a Euro-step nigga
Chasing everything they say that  I couldn't get
to skip some states
To get her out my face
So I had to runaway
I runaway
I runaway
I hit a skate
I do my dab
I Move way
I euro-step
I shimm the way
I harlem
Don't disrespect my eurostep for One sec
A fool will put a dawg on your Neck for one check
I'd rather double up
Smelling sweet
Catch flies with honey

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