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Edged by the hedgerow
Seamed with the stream's flow
Jeweled in frost
Powdered by snow-blow
Enthralled with the silence
Enlivened by cold
These are
that's me
I mean who really gives a fuck
About that dress
Not me
Or my then friend
Or the mess
That enlivened the dress
There's no subsitute for human
Light my heart up, I'm cold inside
Baby fill up the spaces in my soul and in
My mind gets a little enlivened
Every time you're making me thinkin'
But it's the hope
Of those who glow
In the fire
Of the Lord
Enlivened by
His precious word
All illusions
You may say
Think on moment
What will be
Enlivened, praised, lobbying on pain

Wail(ing), complying on your own "so called" iconostasis
Defy the alchemist
Parasite behind the lie, rumbling in silence
and riveted

Sunset has the horizon
Full of fire and enlivened
I swear that there's diamonds
Beneath the waves
Beneath your gaze
So vibrant

Now at night,
or play again
These scenes I've lived, or enlivened with my pen
We leave the sun behind
As you're always a good time, when you need some time

Liquid paper,
more and more
My eyes became yours at the moment you enlivened and roused my core
When you smiled, I swear I swore
Not a man will ever harm nigh a hair;
With one flinty stare she enlivened the air with a spark
And with a flick of her hair she fanned at his lonely and careworn heart
She starts fires
come through the lips of singers enlivened by the songs 
Come through my footsteps with hopes silliness and the wrongs  
A light shines on me saying life
touch the sky
Bring the stars on down
And feed em
To you mind
Enlivened breathing
Can only
You down
If you
Lying belly up
And in pain
by, stand by

Our futures left, slaking

Quick lime, quick lime

They're peeling back the mothers husk

Enlivened by the sight

Saluting suits in
The night was calling me to myself
Where I'd been? Nobody knows
They had dimmed a burning light
Enlivened by a starlit night
The silence broke and my
of graces
And I stand tall on my pillar of faith 

Who am I? I and I and I
The breath of life, enlivened mind
Vessel of water, full filling all cups
My heart

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