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Enjoying the Ride  


"How do you do, Ladies and Gentlemen
I trust that everyone is enjoying the music"
A bully enjoying his vacation 
Oblivious to all our confrontations 
Speaking fondly of his junior years 
When I was fighting tears 
A bully
Darling please forgive me
I was sitting on the fence
I was slowly going out of head
I did not hear a word that you said
I was enjoying myself
Enjoying each other
The world is ours to play in, we'll take a walk or stay in
Long and lazy hours to have and hide away in for one day
Thank goodness,
Enjoying the taste of the good life 
We all look for but few can find 

It's gone but we can't understand 
How luck could slip right through our hands
'Cause I won't run
No, I won't be no runaway

What makes you think I'm enjoying being led to the flood?
We've got another thing coming undone
Bag lady stands on the corner dancin' away
Two children at her feet enjoying a sunny day
Here come a bus, driven by gus, hes humming away
to find some piece of mind
Sky is the limit this time Baby

Shootin' the breeze enjoying the weekend
Taking it easy just you and me
Shootin' the breeze
The secret of life 
Is enjoying the passage of time.
Any fool can do it, 
There ain't nothing to it.
Nobody knows how we got 
To the top
all right
When he says, baby I love you
Then boy oh boy you're enjoying that summer love sensation

Hitch a ride and get down to the sea
God for our freedom
There's nothing wrong with enjoying things in life
Spread the word that a smile's not beyond us
This is a call to act and seize
and a brother
Like a father and a mother
Like a woman and a man

We can sing along together
Just enjoying till it's over
It don't need to last forever
enjoying the view
Come and show me the way
I'm all over you
Your making me lose myself
So baby keep me coming on

You make me feel so beautiful
Your touching
How I long to be like a child again
Nothing to win
Enjoying You enjoying me
Yesterday is gone
Life won't stay the same
How I have changed
But You are
What's up though?
Yeah, this is No Ceilings
I'm really hoping that you're enjoying what you're experiencing
What you're hearing, what your
of "Elements"
Enjoying all the warmth of fire
Longing for the breeze of morning air
Douse myself with the purest water
Something so divine
The spectacle
of a mirror (in front of a mirror)
So that that I can watch you enjoying me (baby tonight)
Baby tonight lets try in front of a mirror (in front of a mirror)
That's the way we live and we do the best we can 

Here we go on another tour on the road again 
Feelin' good it's alright 
Just enjoying
at least I'm enjoying the ride, at least I'll enjoy the ride.

'Cause you're a sweet little softcore pretender
Somehow, babe, it got as hot as it gets
Inferno unleashed, a new dawn of time
The past is lost, the future's not mine
Burn the innocent, a sadistic reign
Murder by numbers enjoying your
I thank God for our freedom
Thereâ??s nothing wrong with enjoying things in life
Spread the word that a smileâ??s not beyond us
This is a call
What emotion would I feel?
Would I run or would I kneel?

Time is winding down but only for this life.
I want to be found enjoying the next
The secret of life
Is enjoying the passage of time
Any fool can do it
There ain't nothin' to it
Nobody knows how we got to the top
of the hill

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