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the same)
Lil sister growing up I’ll give my heart away
(I love you saniya)
Every time i see that money i wanna get engaged
(Get engaged)
Have you ever seen
Of holding hands and walking that shore
My passion rides the crest of the wave
I celebrate you and I life engaged
I celebrate you and I life engaged

So lately
don't know anyone else

I'm engaged to a pisces man
I'm engaged to a pisces man
He asked my father for my hand
He asked my father for my hand

close, sounds to me like a departure

Until we meet again, let's stay engaged
Until then, let's stay engaged

Lies, over time, they float
I'm engaged in the craze,
been doing it like this for days
Ain't no way I'm going to let up
I'm going to get up every time I hear your name

seek out your voice
My ears are overcome with noise
You show and tell with greatest ease
Raving impossibilities
Engaged in crime I grasp my throat
on the smoke and dance
In the ashes

This arrangement is deranged
Imagine us engaged in flames
This arrangement is deranged
Imagine us engaged in flames
Cruising down the block with them bands in my hand
They staring at me too long they must got a plan
So I engaged in combat to protect my land
Yeah I
and throwin’ like ping pong
We’re all home no ding dong
Engaged for a while no ring on
Lines on the page rapping like a python
Might Say bye,
But we never let by
Engaged to the money, need a wedding band
Money bring power, pussy, I’m the man
Married to the money, oh yea I do
Married to the money, oh yea I do
the picture on you and
that Hollywood star? Are you two engaged?
Rosie(spoken): Is he engaged?
Is Conrad engaged? There's absolutely nothing to the rumor he's
get a crowd vibing and engaged 

To my friends yo I meant to say
Put me down if I go astray like
Fuck the clout, fuck the fame, man
fuck it all if my
I once knew a cat named Toad
Living with this girl I know
Got engaged, and my abode
Became the home for a cat named Toad

I knew him for about a year
been good at using phones
All lines from London are engaged
The forecast says that it will rain
This service has been stopped
The Time is eight o'clock
Don't manipulate our own kind (our own kind)

You've engaged (engaged)
These gears in motion
Static waves
They disrupt the current
Set in place
Engaged in a battle between darkness and light
We’re Soldiers of a City far beyond the sky
We are in search of the lost sheep
And we comfort those who weep
had lost you
These niggas hating on us cause they know I got you
We ain’t married ain’t engaged but I say I do
God thank you for the failed ones I had
Straps in the safe house
Thats where i lay
They lurk by the gates now
I know that im safe
They wanna debate now
I dont debate
Shooters engaged
that's at play
So I'm driven driven away I see the path I'm now engaged
Driven driven away I know the turns
I found my way
I've been driven driven away I
all in the plan
But I don't wanna play no more, I hate our score
Are we partners, or engaged in war?
I used to think we'd be engaged, or more
Before I'd
And engaged
With my rambles

Why'd you go and
Leave me alone
You've got me waitin' here
By the phone
I always be
Imagining you but
It's just a dial tone
You are
The f*ck is you saying 
Shawty in Love
She say she a fan
She say she engaged 
Get back to yo mans 
The f*ck is you saying
The f*ck is you saying
The f*ck is

Uproot your innate reputation
I'm engaged to a plight, and I'd, rather be wed
Vanity has settled into its domain
I'm engaged to a plight, and I'd
Darkness my past, destroying my present, future unseen
Envelops my dreams, eating away, at the good man I've been
Consumes the mind, engaged for

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