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Talk to em
Talk to em...
He crossed the line, Encroachment
Do not come 'round me on no hoe shit
I know some slimes that's tottin'
I cannot be
Cause it's lethal when released
Defending?  Please...
Watch me slice these cheesy MC's
With 5 ounces of milky smooth enrichment
Each encroachment's
Steady bugging
At my doorstep
Tryna get in
And I ain't feeling
The encroachment
I'm tryna focus
On my own, bitch
I been waiting
For this pain, bitch
The manipulation, encroachment and destruction of their inferiors

Growing up in public, growing up in public
Growing up in public, growing up in public with your
Drakes in the car
If I got to slow down, in the game I'm in charge
Football coach no encroachment the way I orchestrate the blitz
New apartment baby
novice poets are not my associates
Ferocious, but the flows inappropriate
But if you approach this they might call encroachment
I'm so bent, oh shit,
ending potions
These other rap niggas got lines I got encroachments
I get endorsements, so motherfuck your co-sign
Punch punchlines I'll punch rappers
of pure thought
A rebellion in devilish hues

A tyranny
A subjugation 
Bereft of all that which keeps men sane
You affect the most hideous encroachments
the check
I swear y'all niggas tripping
They fumble off the oppositions' approaches
I call encroachment for the interference
My shit'll air you out like Brady
know shit
We are in a cage like rodents
Out of line I'ma call encroachment
Barbaric feeling like I'm Conan

Fucking up your serotonin
Fucking up your
Mind divided like quotients
So i stay on the potion.
Haters get to close I call that encroachment
Don't you ever ever try to approach me.
Cuz I am
attached to me
Now she overstepping boundaries that’s encroachment
Blow the whistle, blow the whistle baby
I can’t miss calls, I’m so official baby
Hit that
odd niggas lookin' at your 20s
When I write about crucial topics cuz I did half what I said
You cause encroachment, only time u toasted shit was
Terran encroachment
By an earthworm on steroids

In the face of death, 
My heart feels sane
In the depths
Oh, when the drillbomb detonates

No return
people make it worthwhile 
Beautiful Beautiful people contain your mind
Amiable reinforcements, no encroachments
Our confidence can be found, now my back
don't mean to rush
But I'm certain that it is love

You're my little vine when encroachment
Defies how a road bends
Truth in a rose lens
Sometimes i still stiffen 
I get lil feeling 
I fear the end is approaching 
It tend to live by encroachment 
The same as shifting the focus 
my space
They calling encroachment
I throw my nigga if he can get open
If not I'ma tuck that bitch and I'ma tote it
We already won it but you just dont
ya distance no encroachment 
How to get money I'm coaching 
Shoutout to them locs that's rollin 

Learned how to drip on the beat I'm saucing 
I turned
bout you all the time
Always and forever
Comes in spurts and moments
Aided by something potent
Don't cross the line, encroachment
Massages w the lotion
the hustlers posted
Bottom line
You cross the line I'll show you encroachment
Just seen the man that had that golden voice asking 4 some coins
Thought by now
Bill insane flow, it puts the lotion
Or it gets the same hose, again

If I had me a button to explode the globe
I'd press it (Press it)
see your baby crawling by 
Hard counting cash
I crossed the line 
But I'm never getting flagged for encroachment
My approach is
Cut the fake people off
and encroachment
Between conviction and promotion
I feel a drought of reason coming

As I see the sun setting on goodness
Disagreements burn with fires of violence

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