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Do you trust me

My ETA to fame has happened, I'm just re-enacting 
Between me and you I'm calling all these rappers practice 
I met a chic earlier
talking about the birds, the aphids
The insects, and the trees
'Cause there's innumerable extinct species among these

We've been enacting a story for
Fantasizing, dramatizing, re-enacting MURDER MURDER

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
I feel actions, speak loud like words, and verbs and adjectives
They give the scrubs
Your mother is a journalist
Your father is a creep
They make it in your bedroom
When they think you're fast asleep

The scenes that they're enacting
taste the action, taste the fame
Camp Campington's Falls

Wallet making
Balloons and friends and fun
For one magic week
Come on!

Enacting shame
Causing harm
Defend yourself
And keep your guard
We realize
We belong apart
'Cause we entice
We've got ways of knowing

Living on my
Enacting shame
Causing harm
Defend yourself
And keep your guard
We realize
We belong apart
'Cause we entice
We've got ways of knowing

Living on my
tentacles like insidious weeds
Ensnaring the earth, enacting the deeds
Of utter virulence of disregard of consequence
The vainest organism on the fucking
everything that's dead inside her
She used to treat street dividers like a balance beam
Arms spread wider than the legs in her dad's magazine
Now there's nothing left to hide
I've disregarded foolish pride
Too many times

It makes no difference if I go or stay
Re-enacting the same scene
to puke
But after having a chat with Gavin and Luke
I hate the songs I make cus they're not enacting the truth
I guess I'm...acting a fool
I wanna grab
to Russians
And we know they've got pictures of Don
Enacting a drama in the bed where Obama
And Michelle were getting it on

We've got to remove him from office
Bottom of the barrel scum
No second chances 
No use in taking stances
They dance in synchronicity
Enacting the extraction of your being

You are all
Destroying the environment to safe face for lost jobs
Lost cause enacting all the tactics
While questioning America’s life liberty and happiness
The situation
how you treat others they will get reimbursed
Cause of a lost you cause you're not a lost cause
Don't attach yourself to it these are only laws
tonight I'm bored of the normal eye-sores
With a face like hers I'm enacting forgiveness

I've got a case of "the Saturdays"
Funny how my patterns change
The caster’s ashes rise
Giving life to the spell of time travel
Enacting the impossible
Changing her past, forever
Reshaping history
pop a tent above acrobats enacting accountability rites
The greatest show this side of eukaryotic rabble rousing fights
It's lessons of the senseless
I ain't tryna count, tryna weigh it hoe
I'm tryna weigh it hoe, fuck all that extra
Enacting and waiting for change
In a maze I'm amazed you ain't
in my beard
That shit just brings me ecstasy
Finessed it in that hole
Oh, what aisle is the plan B?
That's the price you gotta pay
When re-enacting
Overlapping you, never coming at me
Look at that shit, you see what I’m enacting
Extend a little hand when you can’t stand
Rep with the band and get ya
Still enacting my purpose I still got tasks to work with it 
Still got drive in this traffic making paths for the last of Earthlings 
I don't know
stands inactive
Past habit was enacting, but attacks have sapped his passion
Packed it up and sat distracting
Lacking 'cause he cracked when the weight
chorus beckoning
To feast on life while threatening
Enacting wretched vengeance
Is the only recourse left

Run screaming to our deities
From catastrophe

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