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designers are sleepy and cranky. 
The chopping block, through farm living and an active internship recruiting policy 
Have over 10 million employees ready
and interests of the employees try to find them better jobs that they'd enjoy more anyway a perfect plan no one would suspect us no visual motive just our
No straight jacket on me

Eat my breakfast with employees 
And they push this thing even further still
Which they knowingly try to kill
Gaining sales for your totals

Your fellow employees now have a say, via this salvo

White collar fraud... We're calling you out
White collar
The executives are busy bees
They watch the gears turn in the employees

They just turn smile shift repeat
Turn smile shift repeat

There's a crowd forming
the only thing I'm guilty of is burning gasoline
I drive to the south gate and I drive to the east
The new owners only kept the young employees
My wife
then flowers
And upset employees

I want to be naked,
Running through the streets!
I want to invite this so called chaos,
That you think
Silicone romance, what's your name fancypants?
Got your eye on the employees
Forget about the reeling, talk about the feeling
Solid Gold

You want it...
town rookie police
New town industries are wanted for the local employees
And a little bitty baby draws a nice clean breath
From over his beaming
burst in flames
I used the gasoline
The office-employees in the 22nd floor
I call the private television network
Front row for the cameramen
a milder way.
And in the end eventually if you're weak you'll
Fade in grey.

Authority. Society. Parents. Teachers. Employees and God.
cannons roar;
Let sixteen liveried employees pass out souvenirs from the funeral store.

I want to go simply when I go.
They'll give me a simple funeral
continue operating.
The vast majority of the employees would remain in place.
But the sound and ethical business practices synonymous with Shell,
in spots
Some blame the management some the employees
And everybody knows it's the Industrial Disease

The work force is disgusted downs tools
In fact, this used to be our playground

In American Canyon
Where Walmart employees and customers are one and the same
They've even built
The Dark Prince was a nazi, his mustache true to form instead of arm-
Band swastikas, mouse ears must be worn He terminates employees with the hair
Above his
to your cafe and your employees too
We dedicate a big fuck you
This final one's
For you old boy
You're still a loser in the end
Why don't you go hang out

Ive bid every method into the hands of my employees. 
(I am a cult by definition. 
I am a scientist by default) 
I have saved you. 
Now you
the curtains
Working on our attitude
Towards the second hand book shop employees
Reading the inscriptions
That were never meant for their eyes

a couple days
Yeezy in the house and we just got appraised
Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves
Gave LeBron a billi' not to run away (Yo!)
KC PD you got a buster workin' for ya
He be yappin' to Hooters employees and alertin' employers
Not to hang out with Tecca Nina cause some
artists, whole crew gotta eat
So hell no I don't sleep I'm like an energizer battery
Got 19 employees I gotta pay they salaries
My momma quit her job
Employees it’s the boss up in this fucking club
I’m about to smoke a blunt up in this fucking club
Go ahead and call me Scotty in this fucking club
So many
Sun rises above the factory but the rays don't make it to the street.
Through the gates come the employees, beaten down and dragging their feet.

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