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nobody knew, the knowledge to teach me
'cause a, fuck the teacher and fuck the preacher
As my soul empiric's inside myself, I'm entangled
And outcast from
Penthouse in the sky so you know my view is empiric
When you close your eyes my voice I guarantee your gonna hear it
I’m deep in your mind my
Underneath their shields

The appearance of the Queen
Empiric clothes conceal
To Lord or Serf there be no question
All will be revealed
All will be
the observative oblivion
It is too close to perfection
There is no evidence for empathy
In the endless empiric empire

Gelinkte Tyrannei!
Part of the whole
soy Alexis el
el angel de la calle
dimelo chiko
empiric music 
pa que chepa!
the lyrics
Prolific when I speak, do you listen when you hear it?
Or jump to conclusions, as a reason to fear it?
My wordplay empiric, there's a method to my
hard a little patience to find
Why the time so slowly glides

Empiric words to start the march
Coming out from the mouth of Dutch
For a long time they
oye baby 
yo el ángel de la calle 
dímelo chiko empiric music
(lest go! )
Cuando te veo
siento que hay un deseo brutal que no puedo evitar,

A lost empiric reign 
Emptiness through my veins
Bloody presuppositions
Illusions towards me
Trying to find
The thin line that separates me from
where I place in categor'
The proof is empiric that's what the graph is for
Label for the time X-axis
On the Y label see defined as the status
And if
in instant you
Will fall...
Sense is the blink, the empiric extract -
To realize and feel
There is a fracture in walls abstract -
Consciously built
Înc-odată umblu
Haide cu mine în Universul meu empiric
Nu vreau să tragem linii de coca, vreau mili
Milioane de amintiri precum pământul
Că tu mi-ai
body anchored to the seat  The danger dear empiric Is that to which Narcissus succumbed and still do some Fountainheads automatons To subordinate genetic

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