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Breathing paralyzed
Endless drone
Dynastic eyes
Elemental home
Heavy on californium

We never landed on the moon
The world we know is
as "The Book of Resurrection Apophis." In Egyptian methology, Apophis is also known as Apep, the terrible monster serpent who, in dynastic times, was
the latrine
With genuine Columbian lima beans
Dynastic and elastic, it's all made out of plastic
There's nobody here but us frogs

I'd like to find a girl who
are like kid, flashin' plastic tools
Unaware of the most-year dynastic rule
What stupid!

Without a doubt, it's in the heart where the best darts were
This gathering of accidents
Into dynastic triumph of things
I long for dawn at end of mind

Traveling light deluge of birth and death
the conjugal bed
Littered with aphrodisiacs
To tease dynastic union
And beget them further maniacs

Free reigned, now a Countess
Distort the picture evidence
Blast off the faces
Traces, of dynastic races desecrated
Damn they hate us, what we do?
Nothing, divinely favored
I can't help
Lycan Production
Dynastic Production
Ah short boss 
Draco with the banana
Buss them head with the llama
Turn them to a goner 
Arima tell
But you so damn fantastic
Aira gaira na saamne khada
Ladka dynastic
Aage piche ghoomu firu
Par tera dhyaan kidhrr ko
Road pe dekhle lag gya jaam

That niggas are like kid, flashin plastic tools

Unaware of the most-year dynastic rule, what stupid!

[Masta Killa]

Without a doubt, it's in
off your crown made of plastic
I see you wanna my knee. It's elastic 
I'm the king of this land. It's dynastic 

AKA desert eagle. Other measures.
to Maspero, who found the idea to be of "absolute savagery." Maspero seemed to be reeling from a confrontation with a symbolic revival of pre-dynastic
pre-dynastic master me seemingly 
Attached with red and white tipped jacks to channel three, 
And all the tools you really need are a can of gasoline
And a flare

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