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Mr and mr's fantastic
All of our money elastic
Love durable like it's plastic
Mr and mr's fantastic
Mr and mr's fantastic
All of our money elastic
S'écoulent sous nos pieds
Tournons l'sablier
Pour une vie durable

La meilleure solution
Du moins la plus commune
C'est d'procéder à une
Injection de béton
Love was meant to be durable
But now my broken heart's incurable
To her I feel so invincible
I need a miracle

Walk away and know you're never
detest you
I do not feel wrong
This makes me durable

Or am I criminal?
I'm so damn horrible
Now everything's horrible, horrible

Tranquil motor neurons

I'm afraid that is incurable,
Our nexus isn't durable.

Suppressing infrared integral field spectrograph,

You need something
And carry an axe cause I'm ruff on wax
Speakers speaking "phone-wear from durable" eight-tracks
Get down

(G, G, G, G, G, G, Get Down)
an ax 'cause I'm ruff on wax
Speakers speakin'? Phone-wear from durable? Eight-tracks
Get down

[Incomprehensible] get down
montes en grade
Oublie pas de les mettre en garde
Nouveau brolique, argent durable
Sortez la frappe, marché durable
Tous innocents, jugés coupables
your compass throw you way off course
We buildin from ground up startin from ground zero
Mafia on da see the name upon the mirror
Durable physically
your compass throw you way off course
We buildin from ground up startin from ground zero
Mafia on da see the name upon the mirror
Durable physically
not a problem they show you how to shawty work
I out your body in the durable with the dollars worth

Huh, five delight us gonna take a ride
Honey, I'll be knee high in consumer
on a panel
CD with the durable, long-life cover
Very similar to no other

I seen a million tryin' to set a flow, thousands that show
Observe with the patience
I'm incurable but durable it's easy to see 
Lack of restraint is a complaint of those around me 
I know that others postpone 
Gratification well I
remained durable as old leather

But I hold the pen, you feel the whiff of Polo wind
Something like Jesus, when he civilize older men
The math that shed
and durable.
All this to give some sort of posture and dignity
To a broken body that is a host for scars.
I am the new landmark. I am the museum of injury.
I'll make a shoehorn outta your shin
I'll make a lampshade of durable skin
And, oh, don't you know that I'm always feeling able
When I'm sitting
their lies,
Are not allowed in here

The energy relays rhetorical speeches
The sugar sweet voice tells me this is the best
The durable quality lasts
Did I strike the chord of honesty in you?

Oh, is this life or a test of endurance?
I'm durable but am I able, am I wanting?
Do I need
to the Nth power
The alloys are light weight and increasingly durable
But as far as I'm concerned, the original is preferable
I'm stubborn that way, I piss
Aboule l’avoir Taschereau
La nausée abonde comme des autos math tant tant tant
Tendance tendue temps durs mais peu durables
Où des cons (soma)
l'amour lavomatique 
caresses automatiques
l'amour lavomatique 
caresses automatiques

les abords comfortables
de nos relations durables
dormir seul
To blame each other is deplorable 
We know that should suffice 
After all our hearts are durable 
They've been tempered with fire, then cooled by ice
goût du mal
Tuez-vous pour un bon développement durable
L'orgueil est incurable
Avant de trouver la perle la plus rare, faudra passer la muraille

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