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Sweet reminiscence glows like the poison in the air 
That lends incandescence to sunset. "So, why should I care?"
Everyone knows a dullard asks. So
the world is so insane, 
is it making you sane again to let another man tug at the thread that pulls up your nodding head? 

A dullard strung on the wire.
thump make me punch faces

Pervert kings stood behind the curtain for the blade stick
So much in a blood bath numbers dullard thought
I control no one
brighter than the brightest light
I twinkle like my blade in the belly of the Reich
'Cause dullards don't shine for shit, they just talk shite
like lovers
Tripping on the heart's trap
The gullible uncovered
A feint radiance
Two dullards finding their color

Against all odds
Caught between
are dullards whom no cannon stuns,
That they should be as stones;
Wretched are they, and mean
With paucity that never was simplicity.
By choice they
a picture inside of what you might have been

Sound familiar? Do you even know where that cheese is made? 
It's from Iowa, you dullard. Ever heard of it?
Rolling Dollar rolling Dollar
Ko ma roll oya jo rolling Dollar rolling Dollar
Rolling Dollar ro ro ro roll

Awon squad yin o le only dullards
Awon temi o
Rolling dollar rolling dollar
Ko ma roll oya jo rolling dollar rolling dollar
Rolling dollar ro ro ro roll

Awon squad yin o le only dullards

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