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(Yo Wayne Wonder, you ready to talk to the girls, let's go)

[Verse 1: Wayne Wonder + (Wyclef Jean)]
I will be knockin by the time me come
[Lil Wayne]
Come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Ain't nothin' nice or sweet (Huh?)
They don't even much understand this (Uh-uh)
I feel like I be out here for the fun of it
I swear if I don't hit a lick by next month I'm done with it
I understand, But you ain't
Weezy, fresh, and unplugged

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Give me a big fine bitch in a dress
One put them lips in effect
Suck the dick 'til the shit in her
eleven I'm gone creep her
But don't go to sleep
I got some more meat to feed ya

Now I'm hot
I wonder was up with Kisha tonight
I'm gone give
going to love you any way
Because they don't know about those days
When you gave good love to me downstairs

[Wayne Wonder, Chorus]
Doing something
and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water
I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches)

[Lil' Wayne]
I be hittin' they daughters

on the run

I'm a low down
Mister fly by night
Baby slow down
Let me show you right
I sure don't wanna hurt no one

So, don't tell me you love me
that s***
Project hoes like that dick, Don't bite that dick
Give me a Spanish sweet hoe
Black from Puerto Rico

Freak ho, Specialize in givin' me
or two.
I never do what I'm supposed to do.
I don't even need a name anymore.
When no one calls it out, it kinda vanishes away.

No one gives a damn
This country has been surprised by the way the world looks now.  They don't know if they want to be Matt Dillon or Bob Dylan.  They don't know if they
where I carry on

And let the spirit fly
Don't give a damn or wonder why
Let the spirit fly
It's time to do or die

Hard times hold the hallowed ground
no feelins for none of these womens
Really, though, fetticheese is my love
You know the streets made me
And I don't give a damn if you hate me
There are people in this town
That try to put me down

They say I don't give a damn
But the people in this town
That try to put me down
fifty three
Looking for me, a one-way ticket out
Don't understand, what's so hard to figure out?

They give us guns and drugs
Then wonder why in the fuck
and the thunder
I hope an angel's on my side,
On my side

Cause time, time, time don't give a damn about tomorrow,
Time (background singers)
Time don't really
And if you don't get the hell when he swervin' by
That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die

[Lil Wayne]
I hope y'all niggas understand that I
They call me Bruce Wayne Buck, Batman BDI
You can’t fuck with that man BDI
Psychotic when he get really high
I got it don’t I sound really fly?
we don't give a motherfuck
Nigga shoot it up, boot 'em up, snort it up
That's what homeboys do when they beefin or somethin
Nigga makem' up, stack
a twitch
Leave 'em crawlin' out a ditch
God damn, son of a shh! Don't speak
I cocked that, and let it go, tssss! Give 'em heat
Your cheese, I got, ta,
jeans (that's what's up)
(find me in the club, mean mugging posted up)
(If you don't give a damn girl we dont give a .)
(We into making sex, we ain't into
and drop Di-a-blos (What?)
Runnin' with niggas that don't love no hoe (What?)
Platinum grill 'cause, bitch, I'm done with gold

[Lil' Wayne]
Now, you
Six, six, six, six, six soon as I’m back in the city they throw a parade
I might get a key to the city and give it to Wayne
Or give it to one
Who's tha man who's the boss
Who's the nigga that paid the cost
I really don't give a damn
'Cause I ain't the one who's gonna take the loss
y'all don't know?
I'll give you a hint, see that bitch you with?
He fucked that hoe
Now look here, y'all ain't seen my watch, its like Harlem world