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to big to do when they twirl
And separating geto boys from girls c'mon

man on phone:
A.J. you know I spent 23 years in the prison. You know I'm still in
geto boys from girls you know?

Bushwick bill:
5th ward is the spot where niggas get shot
Hoes sell cock and every block is hot
Niggas start shit but
Or speak about it too much, you gon' die by the sword
So think about it, do us an injustice, you know time flies
Life, I can't trust it, so I stay high
Geto boys
Geto boys

Geto boys
Geto boys

(don't fuck with me) --> tony montana

[ verse 1: johny see ]
As I walked through 5th ward, I saw this man
Sayin 'ban the Geto Boys', we're a bad influence on their kids
How the fuck they gon' do that?
I'm about two shakes of a rattlesnake tail off they ass
livin (the unforgiven)

How many times do a nigga gotta ride
on you stupid motherfuckers 'fore you realize
I don't give a fuck about nuttin
Underground Master speaking
Yo D, what's up?
Just chillin' man, what's up?
Give them Geto Boys a ring, man
Hold 'em down

What's up J
[willie d]
Flip flop ass niggas
Ah yeah
Geto boys and outlawz
Recognize the mob nigga
I don't fuck with you
So put your hands on me
somethin', mayn
I'm comin' back, mayn
Geto Boys 
And if you ain't down with the Geto program, then fuck you, mayn
of windows
If a ho wants out I let her sinky ass go
'cause I'ma let a ho be a ho
WILLIE D: Now do y'all follow me so muthafuckin' far?
Get your ass out the God damn way
Yo man, the real motherfuckin winners is
The God damn Geto Boys for most fuck words in a song
The Bitch Killa
a hundred
Be real that shit went out in 86
I'm down with the Geto Boys but my mind ain't playin tricks bitch
You still refuse to give me mine cool
Nigga be
of being somewhere else

So, boy, next time you are in town
Just ring the bell and I'll let you in
I don' t think you are going to need directions
Just ask
Yo Bill, what in the fuck you doin here?

Aw shit
I woke up on the wrong side of bed today
Lookin' for some homo sapiens to slay
Lost in
G plus E plus T plus O 
Geto Boys run shit in '93 but you don't here me do'
Huh brakin' niggas off who bother to 
Fuck around with techs
boys is souped up, just
I walked up to one with my wife, asked for an autograph
He turned his back to me 
Because I am so cool!

I waste no time
On some Dundee shit representin' the outback
(Yo, we do it like this) All the way live from
(You witnessin' the fifth dynasty family click) All
and throw yo' ass in
When they shoot, no, it won't be a cracker
They use somebody much blacker
What I do? I called up the Geto Boy(s) crew
Cause My Mind's
[ DJ Ready Red ]
Yo, Johny see and Box, rock it freestyle, one time

[ VERSE 1: Johny see ]
The beat is pumpin, party's jumpin, makes you shakin
[willie d of geto boys]
Still going
Yeah, here we go again
We bout to roll on some motherfuckers
G.b. rap-a-lot mafia
Recognize the mob nigga
somebody should get there
You see girl, time is like money, both of which men loathe
Spend them both with me and then for sure you'll know

Baby, I come
a bad girl, gotta spank ya
Gotta thank ya for that head clinic
Explicit, hella photogenic
And tell your friends where the dick's at
Where they can get
[Verse Two: Black Thought]
In my formitive by my peers I was influenced
Until the instruments of time killed the congruence
I peeped the blue prints
formative years by my peers I was influenced
Until the instruments of time killed the congruence
I peeped the blue prints on how to make true sense
Of MC's
Now who you know leave the scene
Messier than canvas's by Jackson Pollock
Throwing multicolored thoughts at a rapid pace
I make a mess you dissect

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