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Yeah, they say there's a place free of trouble and care
And you have to pass a test for to make it there
It has something to do with the road
primed by everything I know
I am a human missile guided by a secret voice
That commands my every action and wills me on my way

There is no turning
It's the pain
Of just being young
It's a cry
Of a voice unheard
Of a face
Speaking silent words
It's the hope
That the time goes by
Take you upon
Use me or let me go
This is too much to take
Move me or let me fall
Relieve me of this burden

Have more faith in me
I'm not guided by ways
we had, not what we didn't have
My life has been guided by women
But because of them, I am the man.
God bless you mama, and thank you.

Then I commenced to do a tap dance on eggplant Parmesan before their eyes.
Guided by voices, whole bag of tricks. Raised by Druids and Horses.
in the crowd
And I'll hear your voice so loud
When your whispering

Hey unfaithful I will teach you to be stronger.
Hey ungraceful I will teach
Stones and Leonard Cohen. 
But they didn't know the words, 
So I assumed that they was foreign.

But I heard them just the same doctor let me teach
Latching onto the crowd
They never ever did it that way
Guided by a brainwave
Follow the light shunned by the herd
All the postures being played
In a golden frame
Roped off
Tourists guided by
Tourists talking about the madhouse
Talking about the ear
The madman hangs in fancy homes
me and tell me to kill myself,
What to do? What to do?
All that contains me is gravity,
Mediterranean guided by the moon,
All of this burning cools
Light up the way of Your heart
Move me like You do the mountains
Move me like You do the wind
And I'll chase Your voice through the dark
Fix my
elders grew by
So please help them with your youth
They seek the truth
Before they can die.

(Can you hear and do you care
And can't you see we must be
Daddy’s fine
Don’t want to sell them lines
Do they remember my face?	

Has anyone seen that Burning Bush?
He thinks his flames are guided
By the lord
How I have come to resemble those things you like No
Hidden seams are here

No happy faces
Guided by stellar voices

Now let me do it for you
the bitches, yeah
Oh, in case you don't know

A yo, Devin
Sing it to 'em nephew, come on
(Aight, let me do it something like this)

I don't chase
to learn about sex in school
You think they don't do it?
Don't get fooled

Parents don't turn your back on the pack
Teachers want to teach but the law
the sky, in the sky?

You remember songs of heaven
Which you sang with childish voice
Do you love the hymns they taught you
Or are songs of earth your
better days ahead for us
You need not fret nor worry
Oh yes, this time around, my friend
I'm sure you won't be sorry

They say how the future
Is guided by
of these horses
That you chase around
In the end they are the ones
That always bring you down
This invisible city
Where no one sees nothing
We're touching
of the evil payed with Lucifer's gold

You can feel cold sweat
Running down your neck
And the dwarfs of falseness
Throw mud at your back

Guided by
I'll be guided by the stars above
And the moon will show me to my love
I don't know what to call you saint or Satan
But you still capture
circles now
Crawling feel like they own you do what they told you
Feel yourself get up, get out
Break (out of the circles now)
Wake up another day, hear
Always remember I'm by your side
Such a shame that you had to go
So much more that I'd like to know
So many things you forgot to show me how to do
Oh when you and I
Watch the London sky
The traffic rolling by
We do whatever we like
So we chase the day away
And feel the morning rain