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It's not materialistic
It's what distinguishes this
You've gotta be strong
And you've gotta be slick
The price that you pay
And the way that you
And the occipital lobe, which is concerned with
the interpretation of visual stimuli. It is the development of the cerebrum
in humans which distinguishes us from
reminds you that your still alive
Sometimes it feels like oxygen is the only thing that distinguishes me from the dead
They said laughter is the best
cause motive is meaning 
Distinguishes the difference between hurting and healing 
What kind of person is me then what kind of person is needed 
At the moment of death the creature on the ground has the only opportunity in life 
To become conscious of themselves
It is said this distinguishes
Distinguishes your Yo-Kai residency
Whether it hangs on your shoulder
Or hides behind your knees
I'm keen
Throwing gargoyles into cathedrals
And cutting
The attraction nothing spares
Mind distinguishes
Only what comes from our senses
Every fantasy born from reality
Darkness lies beyond a thin line
A feeble balance
All that distinguishes us
From the others
Species below us
Fly into knowledge
Reachable by everyone
Is the fire
That we can't see
Yes men yes man they want us to be but I swear in all truth authentic nose to me 
Smell the aroma the real distinguishes from the hate no break I
Candlelights, sweet decorations
And the taste of Candy Canes
This and much more distinguishes the season

Forget all the worries, escape for a while
of life resound within us, beneath the shouts of the cyber-chorus
Inside the mind an unchangeable core distinguishes you from the mesmerized horde
Be guided
(Life: The condition that distinguishes animals and plant from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity

You can achieve 
They aint on yo team?
Let em leave 

What distinguishes you from everybody else?
What is it that you see in yourself
the heart of Northern Soul

Soulies clothing identifies acts as a uniform
Distinguishes them from the rank and file
In colder months doesn't keep them warm
Distinguishes certain services and goods
For your information, I'm right here
Meet me at noon on the pier

Let's dance
Yes, let's dance

I can't bother to say
Distinguishes him from other animals
His ablity to observe himself
The decay of modern society, leads to doom.
Turn back the clock

Into the essence
The earth reforms and alternates
By way of change we emanate
Creative force of ravage needs
Distinguishes what's ceased to be
In trials of capacity
take the test
In this what we tryna do, what distinguishes us from the rest
Drinking is just for the rest yeah
Tryna be in the game is what we want
the next man, check your hands for fingerprints
This is just one of the many things that distinguishes you
tuned to your own frequencies with

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