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Confused and mixed a shade of brown
Your deceptive brush strokes paint
Your only reason keeping me around

I know you only want my evanescent, dissipating
Think I've seen a pattern by now, I drink I scream I'm mad at myself
Blink and those I care for shift around me, drifting dissipating from my cloud
is left

Everyone's slowly relocating
We've lost our favorite part 
Everyone's slowly dissipating 
We've lost our favorite part
Everyone's slowly
the music shall last
I can hear it on a timeless wavelength
Never dissipating but giving us strength

I hope it's gonna be alright
(Alright, Alright,
Energy accelerating dissipating towards entropy
So fast you can't see it
Baby believe it
It's gettin' to you like it's getting to me
And we better
dreams of a life where I can look forward are dissipating
My candle's burning out
Bring me the hope I had as a child
I need to feel

I'll stay asleep
I never knew just what to say
I've been listening to the wind
Where your voice is carried thin
Dissipating from within
I've been reaching across space
Enduring Altas
I am here of my own volition 
All this time dissipating into the ether
I will not be forgotten 
Condemned between the earth and sky
into a wall
The days are burning from withdrawal
Cause time is always nothing but nothing at all

So I will stand here, waiting
The moments dissipating
drained and that spells the end

Dissipating slowly eroding end
The end
Of the attention span
That spells the end
Depreciating anti
could go without a trace

I remember how we'd take things slow
Dissipating clouds in the sky
I remember how we'd slow time down
And watch as hours
though it's through
Truth hangs on the horizon
But drifting away
Oh dissipating
Crumbling society
Lies, controlled by lies
Living in this world
Reality is
No kiss in the pouring rain
No pills to kill the pain
I am vapor, just dissipating
No flashing lights in the night
No delight
I am vapor, just
The gray is turning to silver
And now I'm shining
No hitches
Or obstructions
Slowly but the fog is dissipating
It was like a maze
But I was far sighted
im living up
Swear im losing concentration emotion dissipating
Whole life im contemplating
Suicide be debating aye
This that wolfy flow
Make you lose
you bare an open throat for me
Because you won't even be that far away

Dissipating in the sea
These words they lose all meaning
And where we could have
before time?
Is this our final dejection?
A dissipating point of aggression
Indifferent toward our perception

Can you hear them through the pain
All but
Evil's anticipating, heat is dissipating 
Constellations watching over your every move 

Piercing through my skin, coercing through my protective screen
of the land
We’ve hold the future in our hands

Dissipating thermical energy
We set the planets on fire
Broke up the hermetic power

We are the ocean of war
That jumps around me
While I'm waitin'
And dissipating

I never knew what's like
Talking to myself
Unknown there is one
Devoted to me

To be
To The End

This battle done
Defences overrun
Weaponry now spent 
Ammunition gone
Dissipating battle smoke 
Carnage now exposed
Stench of death fills
Never dissipating but giving us strength

(It's alright)
I think it's gonna be alright
(It's gonna be alright)
(Alright Alright Alright Alright)
I am shaking
And my guts are really aching
And the demons, they're laughing out loud

Spare me, I am fading
And my will is dissipating
And my guts are really aching
And the demons, they're laughing out loud

Spare me, I am fading
And my will is dissipating
As the angels put me into

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