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cowards they flee
Welcome to hell, where suffering reigns
The most worthless creation of all
Has finally devolved to something beautiful
They are
society devolved to what it is wow
I am terrified of what the future will be how
After 1999 the world had gone to shit now
Every single person I know is
The rules evolved
Then they devolved
If it all revolves
Will the problems be solved?
The rules evolved
Then they devolved
If it all revolves
I walked outside, it hit me on the dome
If you don't want trouble, you should stay at home
In the day-glo sky above the devolved city
I looked up
of reptilian fiends 

They lie devolved and dangerous in the bowels of the earth

The creatures live beneath the ruins
Exist before man ruled the world, when
Humiliate, ridicule
And now I’m pissed
Not because of what you did
But how you did it without a thought or regret
You selfish, self serving, devolved
Primitive and devolved
There is no hope
But I am called
The monster of the deep
Primitive and devolved
There is no hope
But yet I am called
The pain of life has twisted your face,
You stagger with the hooves on which you walk 
The pain of life has altered your physical state of being
""This virulent strain by man created Begotten by pestis and mentally devolved into procreation We spread disease Pathogenic choul a miscreation
People devolved and fought or they fled
But I do not know how we're goin' to get out of
It, whoa

It's a mistake to be paranoid
A mental state that
Up, beside tongue-tied hungry enzymes
Devolved into mothmen munching textiles
Punisher, out past go-time
Back 10 fried worms chubbier
Brown grass
Cannot believe what you read
Cannot trust what you see
Life devolved into a canard
Power gained not subtly

Cannot be a lotus eater
Must become
there appeared 

It was a story foretold
First signs were clear 
In the womb of mother earth
The replicators were there
We have devolved 
To serve
and no one to solve em
Yea we've devolved as a nation
So stay in ya own lane
Things will never be the same
I've endured so much pain
But I keep myself sane
surface to scratch
Ills of society, kills in variety
Surf on the edge
Brainwashed and devolved
Misled and dissolved
Entrapped and controlled
A piece
called music that has devolved into a vacuous vapid void filled with cacophony,
there's no stop in We,
the left over fractions of the Hip-Hop equation that
a name become devolved

Mark my words
Rip my young
Mass hysteria
Is where I'm from

They call my name
As I walk the lonely straight
My face is stained with
The world had devolved turning backwards
No one accountable for all the death and all the despair
The pace of extinction tiptoeing faster

No one
at you
But fuck me right
I feel it
I've just devolved just a lil bit
Ion see much but a lil bitch
I just wanna be someone I'm not
Cuz ion like the skin
My everyday has devolved into a paradox
Where I can't even find a pair of socks
To put on one foot followed by the other
Call it a metaphor referring
It started with the Annunaki
They put us here long ago
We have devolved from them to us
But the human race will rise again

Written in Sumerian texts
are chained
My life has devolved into pain
A separate claim
When I sold my soul to the devil
In 8th grade
And I've painted the world in 
can't stop the coming of the night

The state's devolved to anarchy, The dead have filled the gallery 
And all the folks refuse to hear the truth
Something has gone terribly wrong with my mind
Where there was creed now there is terrible hunger
Where there was desire now there is a burning need

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