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Stand up, devising
Sit down, devising
Walking, devising
Talking, Devising
Stand up, devising
Sit down, devising
Walking, devising
Talking, Devising
plotting, devising
Temperatures rising
I know you plotting, devising
Slipping on your own sauce
Slipping on your own sauce
You act like Lil B
The way
They be hating, yeah, they conniving
They don't know, I be moving in silence
Bitch I ain't got the time for violence
In my head all the time devising
they're just one of us
A new rising mind
Coming from inside
A future that is our destiny
Crossing the valley
A devising kind
Breaking free to thrive
Will it
all listenin'
I'm gonna come see you soon
But I got to get back to this room

In the back room, we devising
We buildin' up instead of fallin' down
defended by the ones that should have ended it

Angels of death in a white coat so serene
Devising ways of dying, so obscene, so obscene
And Washington was
Although there's many faults and flaws
In this place into which I was born
And I've spent my time devising
My own little great escape
But let me
at the knees, got nowhere to stand
The lies my mind is devising
I gotta rip out my fibular brain
I may get addicted to pain
Cut at the knees, nowhere to stand
at blame 

Secret plots are happening 
Conspiracies are devising 
A tourniquet unraveling 

Faithful looks you demand 
Sights from the Everyman that looks
But every night he returns
One step closer to the shining Sauternes
One step closer to losing his faith
He's devising and revising ways to change
Caught in dark devising;
lovely doll, so tantalizing.
Down you fall;
your will and your body are mine. / 

I know all you're craving, 
and I know
Baby, there's a bad moon on the rise
Baby, there's a bad moon in the sky
Honey, there's an evil rising
Lock your doors cause the devil's devising
suprising, dont let it
Go viral, be best if it kept lowkey, so the g-o-v cant get inside it,
Hide it in plain sight, we devising
A plan, for humans, abusing
real so you can't hold
Onto anything or anyone
Got no mind, so you can't think
Got no heart, so you can't love

Moon rising, devising plans
For us
I've often seen you engineering the quiet exchanges
Devising the truth of your long designs
And I've often sensed you turning a corner not paying
Architects of detritus devising common filth to contaminate the masses -

Destined for eradication.

Bow down and hail thy obscene serpentine
of sight
I can see them they can't see me
Much to my delight

Silver minnows were devising
Water ballet so surprising
A mouse played a daffodil
A mole
And be there when the Dutchman comes.
Wee girl in a straw hat: from far east warring
Sad cargo of an old ship: young bodies whoring
Slow ocean
kaboom, and blow anyways
For MC's, it's a funeral
But I'm devising this rhyme, 'cause I am awake in your mourning
That's why I rise and I shine, like
The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unfolds a plan of her devising,
A thin premeditated rig
To use in rising.

And all that journey down
All these things so clear before me
Every path we've ever taken
Can't admit we were mistaken

In this night
Of my devising
Never live
Hearts are empty almost all the time
Blind devising ways to lead the blind
And it seems as if there's no end in sight
I don't wanna be there when it all
given up enlisting help for there was no one else
He spent his days devising ways to stop the rock himself

One night while he was working building
Listening to the Shipping Forecast
Driving to the airport
Me and the guys
Metropolis ablaze in the rear view
Devising methods to both have and eat your

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