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He made detraction through governing
He made it all
Only I made me

You are no one
There is no one there for you
You are alone
Now get up and make
all day
Don't worry we'll be okay
This rap stuff is apart of life
So I stay up working through the Whole damn night
No detractions
No detractions
Only distractions
No interactions
I just can't face the thought of someone getting one over me
The factions to be all that
Talking about reaction
Yeah yeah yeah
Talking about detraction
Yeah yeah yea h
Said I'm a rocking you?
From shantytown
Yeah yeah yeah

One man
Embracing his calm
Choked by his own blood
Long life
However is a curse
Inside this lasting hell

Truth cannot bear detraction
deal not a detraction
I am the real deal I'm not a protraction
I many times do times do we feel when were scared
How many times do we face our fears?
Waiting patiently down on my knees
Saying how I wanna give you whatever you please
Hard to think I'm growing tired of the floor
As all these detractions
my only form of social interaction
My attraction to you, is a detraction from my peace of mind
Read my mind, time to trade you in for the redesign
nigga if you ain't bout that action
Cant be on my team if you ain't good with subtraction
I swear them hoes only good for detraction
I Might kill a nigga
mind set is broke
To get back rich
I keep trying to spend
On sum fly shit
I stay in my lane
No detractions
I need me a check
For keep telling my ideas
conscience Aux braves diplômés
Les enseignants, nous vous remercions

Les revendications légitimes ne peuvent justifier la détraction des biens publics La
and other times in parable
Scientific fact is for every little act
There is an equal and opposite reaction

So when you kick a detraction and the bakkle
it will make you better
Took it by money and woman, niggas is out to get me
Cost for detraction, the 'clipse and glam on my back are with me

The conversed tubes to the surface and beyond

Detraction of outer space

Nemesis of genesis
And walk away from any detractions
I have taken, I have taken
All that I can.

Cut-I'm never gonna get away
If I don't ever make this change
ways to draw the shades 

So let's draw the shades 

A necessary call to action 
A voice in

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