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See I'm the youngest detonating the game
I know a lot, but not enough to explain
She wanna' fuck, but I just left with the brain
'Cause she not my
discussing what's irrelevant

It's irrelevant

I been hearing bombs detonating deep inside my mind
I been hearing moms calling out crying
Trying to find their
I’m independent I don’t Need Your Help
The streets taught me to get it myself
You little haters need to let it go
I’m detonating let me blow
Silently detonating emotions

Read the spaces between the lines
Mind your own business while I grow mine
No, it's never personal, yeah

I can't, love nobody else
Can't love nobody else now that I love myself
Time moves, like a ticking bomb
Nobody's detonating, it's too damn calm
seconds from detonating
Ticking time bomb, there's no escaping, I keep forgetting to breathe
Can't breathe when you're touching me, my heart's a ticking
bottom line is detonating my soul
Gonna cash in my chips gonna take back control
Welcome to corporate hell
You can't escape corporate hell

in a race
I told her do better, she in second place
I'm like a bomb that's detonating
I do this for n***as in section 8
They say i'm so offensive like
detonating, look at this mess you're making
I am the king, you are the queen, look at this chess we're playing
Oh we had a love that love was record breaking
and pass if your trees be black 
I leave the, promoters screamin' "Won't you please be back?" 
Detonating, till bell-bottom Lee's come back 

Sing Sing, straight convict
Strap the door, see-4, detonating shhh
Blow the spot, don't give a fuck who you go and get
We want the yay-yo
is the new enemy, evil is the new bad

Swing your partners round and round
Hanging just above the ground
Kiss me quickly wish me luck
I awoke in a sinking Manhattan.
I played in drunken cathedrals.
There were businessmen in armchairs.
With name brands and short hair.
I'm much too much for any demon style to master me 

From the thought's next bridge to the hell's gate  lyrically 


Sparking M-80's
detonating, planting trees I got no patience
Plenty of the pen and paper, deception through the legislation
Unity in separation, divide and conquer
the rubble
A God who created different languages
Not to make us understand a shit
A God who makes believe that detonating himself is for him
A God who sees
Sampson's power
Star Waan I'm detonating like bomb 
Place me next to the fire I'm definitely gon blow
Diamonds dancing on ma neck out Ov Control 
Keep it
Instead of detonating chose to leave without saying nothing
Still no excuse for you to cut and run
Still think its worth a conversation we could grow from
Guess I'm like all the other guys
(So long, then see ya!, bye-bye)

Tick-tock baby,
detonating a...

She will destroy ya
and rolling around 

I've been contemplating 
When I'll blow up, detonating
When I'm meditating

pushing my buttons 
Stopping the red from detonating cause these Benjamin's tough 
I got the green light to keep my dreams chasing me huh 
Like the og's 
enough iron in your diet 
Ripping out your liver and having someone fry it 
Detonating a nuclear device on your house 
Pulling out your pancreas
a baby I been sticking to the basics
Og blacman slatman brother greatness
I started from the bottom
Already know my own destination
Boom detonating and If
like a levee breaking 
Detonating offa deep rooted shrooms 
Or so I assume by the way my room
Stays barely there at all
Move weight like a pallbearer

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