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Hey is wha happen to Biko
Biko detainee
In detention - Vank
South Africa
The Black Panthers
Freedom Fighters!
They tried them died
We wanna free the land
We wanna free the land
We wanna free the land

Detainee in detention
Under interrogation
They've paid that price
With their
win dough you see
Wal-Mart Marshall Law and you the detainee
Fame free don't last infamous easily
Whatever they put in print its a convict to me
Born into this town just like an unlocked cell in jail
Almost free, still a detainee trying hard to post my bail
'Cuz 23 feels old to me, no sight,
Locked in the chains of his sins, detainee
This is the underworld, this is the dark side
I guess now its my turn, need to abide
Every single soul here died
You lack respect for basic humanity
This is not my hell. I'm not your detainee

Nah ah ah ah ah ahhh
Nah ah ah ah ah ahhh
Nah ah ah ah ah ahhh
And I became its detainee

Inside I'm living dead
A cold, dark shell of a man
Can't get it out of my head
As love bleeds out in my hands

I ran away, but
a whine

And when I can't align with reality
Nothing else can set me at ease
It's like I'm suddenly a detainee
Patiently awaiting my release

And in
Court is cruel
Still unfree
Thinkin' 'bout their hated breed
Lost at sea
Thinking that they almighty
I don't know who you fooling
a detainee, damage done they couldn't ever foresee

Cold nights spent under the overpass, with countless "pigs" trying to harass
Asking "babe can I get a piece
No arms on his belt
Live on tomorrow
Not guaranteed
King, Till, Stinney
Shot, drowned, beaten
Wrong color penalty
Pain, blood, bleeding
Unconsciously, I become a shackled detainee
And I've been trying to get out but no one else has got the key
To deal with such a high degree of self-made obscurity
that's him)
Mrs.R yellin out, she my detainee

Damn we left your ass at the movies, wasn't an accident, it was a beauty
Was fucking sean part of the plan?
total bliss for me
When I'm home, all alone, I feel like a detainee

Baby I need your love
Baby I need your love

When you're gone, I struggle through
flaws are what I hate, but death is still their fate oh 

One day I'll be free
But until then I'll be
This body's detainee 
Skewed from reality
One day
for it tonight

Let me know what I have to do
Just to get a little close to you
Tell me everything little thing you require
I'm in like a detainee
a detainee?

Just like a ship lost at sea
She lost her faith lost all belief
No shred of hope of ever returning

Just close your eyes
Trapped in a fog,

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