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And it began to grow
In my humble opinion
You need to know

I will look after you
If you look after me
I won't make it on my own
Totally dependant, oh
They want malaise
They want you dependant

They want you sick and subdued
They want the aches
And the pains too
They want you sick and doubting
And we dependant

Got a lot of junk can I let it out
If I'm telling you my sins is it helping now
If I'm honest with you and I tell you the truth
Will you
Takin' a stroll down love street
Strollin', is that so wrong?
Can I get my co-dependant?

Hump de bump doop bodu
Bump de hump doop bop
Hump de bump
Takin' a stroll down love street
Strollin', is that so wrong?
Can I get my co-dependant?

Hump de bump doop bodu
Bump de hump doop bop
Hump de bump
don't accept my bow wow wow 

Oh well 
We might be chemicals that don't mix well 
We might be co-dependant  

You're not alone, not alone, alone
Not alone
All these niggas my sons, they my dependants
Did it on my own yeah, I'm independent
Broken lucky charms, yeah my pendant
I'm so done, might as well
qu'on est dépendants
Parce qu'oublier tes lèvres moi c'est même plus la peine
J'sais pas si c'est la bonne
En tout cas c'est ma drogue
J'la consomme
Your one and only dependant champion

So if theres time with questions but no answers
And your path only seems to take you backwards
You've lost
Mental pain is like my pendant
A reminder of the past before it ended
To the future I am ascendin’
Ain’t no way I am descendin’
Put that on god like
Avant que tu sois dépendant
Bishoop est toujours la a temps

Oh putain de merde t'es trop lents
Oh putain de merde t'es trop lents
J'ai déja pris le clock
Just test my best
And find out if you like it
And the rest is dependant on you
Come close to me
And when we are united
You will see - it's all so
something to get me up, I need something to get me off. I wanna make the roller coaster I'm on creep faster towards the drop. We're not dependant, it's
pas j'vais ken laquelle
Besoin qu'elle m'aime et j'en suis dépendant
Mon addiction a brûlé mes ailes
Et toi mais qu’est-tu veux là
J’ai pourtant été
to feed
I can't fail, no, not now
When twenty five bombers wait ripe

They hung there dependant from the sky
Like some heavy metal fruit
These bombers
écran, impossible d'effacer.
Totalement dépendant de ma sensualité.
You don't see me, you don't care
And I'm just praying for something to share.
(So dependant so dependant)
I was the prince now baby i'm the president (I'm the president i'm the president)
Scratch that now i'm back to the present
voit clair dans les rayons, allô la Terre, ça tourne pas rond
Co dépendants, mais pas perdus, qu'on en finisse avec le vice
Si l'on s'en sort, tout est
T'es dépendant et tout et c'est hram
C'est hram nah hram
Faut p- c'est
Ouh ce n'est pas bon

Qu'est ce qu'il
D'un coup j'suis d'ac
going the distance
Never been my vision
Realized that I'm dependant
Not on love, but your presence
Wasn't tryna catch no feelings
Think I need
I'm dependant on you
Without your crutch
I'd rise and set with the sun
Shorter days as the fall begins
I'm dependant on you
Without your crutch
I'm your son and you care for me
By your love I know I've been set free

My joy is not dependant on my circumstances no more 
My joy is in your
you're not
It makes no difference if you're sick
It can't wait until you're well
It's not dependant on your mood
It happens like a magic spell

It doesn't
bord d'la scelle
Des expériences tout l'monde en a
Tombe pas trop bas tu va être dépendant
J'ai toujours ce mal qui vit en moi maintenant
Mais je l'sais

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