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Dance, dense denso todo empanizado

Faster than the rayo
Is the new freestylers a caballo
Bone break dance intenso let go
Dance and dense denso
scattered like scared birds

By 3a.m. they were pidgeons

With drinking problems and bad luck

On god's front porch

Where the wind

Is dense with insects
I begin again
As the world outside ends
Dense, even in the still light
To owe you my life
I tell you
Make castles when you want to
And fill
People are so dense
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed

Some things are so big
They make no sense
Histories so small
People are so dense
Santo tomas de los pelos parados
A narizasos su piel le dejaste madreado
Cayo el pedo, cayo de mi lado
Dance, dense denso todo empanizado

Faster than
Oh he's dense water deeper down
He makes me forget everything my mother warned
I think about him every night
And I fall asleep holding my pillow
I croon like a lumber crane
Sank quick inside your snare
Her fellow steps across my head
I'm her colt and she's my mare
Dense falls across my face
Something I can't comprehend
Something so complex and
Couched in its equation
So dense that light cannot escape from

In the dark your brain
Walls grew dense and blocked out the sun
Caving in everyone

Darkness fell, wiped a once joyous tone
Then famished, like possessed ended eating their own
This is my hand,
Big as the sky
This is my fist,

This is my head
All that she said
Dense as a son
Finding no one

I stole your myth
parents, why won't they shut up? parent's they're so fucked up. they treat me like a fool they take me for a fool parents... they're so fucking dense
and out of hand 

There are many paths
Dripping dark so dense
Do not enter here
Enter over there 

Why am I alive?
Urban Wonderland
By the fence I
As dense as eternity
Silent city in constant bublight
Standing like a willow tree
Explode! you hot vagabond
With your raven tongue


six dogs,
Nos vies dansent
Sous les stroboscopes
Remplir nos têtes d’un oubli dense
Faut se rendre à l’évidence
Sous les stroboscopes
Petite nuit et aube
On a night like this
I could fall in love
I could fall in love with you

In this dark so dense
We talk so soft
The way young lovers do

The days last
On a night like this,
I could fall in love, I could fall in love with you
In this dark so dense, we talk so soft
The way young lovers do.
A faceless one roams for my soul
The air is dense behind me
It follows, brooding, a presence that clamors for
And strikes at my soul
skin grown thick from a thousand stinging pricks?
Have you been made dense standing upon the fence?
Have you been made dense from polish and pretense?
Wounds of self-mutilation
Caused by religious fervor
A sacrifice of a child
To summoning the gods

A fortress in the dense woods
twice as dense as ours
Twice as dense as ours

Repetition shoved down my throat
Answers given by anecdote
Crueler Sonnets were never wrote at all
to fight, my friends - we are the weeds. 
Because we got no homes they call us smelly refugees. 

We are weeds, vegetation, dense undergrowth. 
Your prejudiced ways - are so fucked up
Your mind's so dense - look inside yourself
You've closed your mind
I can't get in
Look at color - not within
Get up in a mind to get up
Daddy there's more

You gotta clear the decks
It's Saturn's peak
The pattern's dense
The world's oblique
Change it all
Ignorance and vacant delight.
Fixated on the trivial speculation and day to day existence of plastic

Dense enlightenment circulates throughout every

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