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Deflect/project oh your actions are never circumspect
Defect, product once proud city now wrecked

Planned obsolescence is the goal, yeah
Putting the renters
regret is just another word

Stay close
It's the only thing that remains
Taking for granted is a rolling snowball
That time won't deflect but blow
This disguise was designed
To deflect what I couldn't show you

Shatter the glass, step away from the crash
I am slowly suffocating from the weight
We're all spores but we're never eunuchs
Love's on the loose deflect the short tunic
And the cameras ruse
There's no judgement in ignorance I say
Is there anything worth fighting for?
Where do we go but nowhere
I lean against my own restraints
Traffic noise deflect the voices

Felt strewn
And I'll blame it on rock and roll
And blame it on my guitar
I'll deflect it all

I remember back then
Going to a punk rock show
Day dreaming I would
the havens of thieves and kings 

Empower those who serve to deflect suspicious minds 
Action and answers as likely as a reversal of time 

Their silence is
to delirium,
Cross circles of death for the good,
Deflect all contests.
One intoxicating whiff and you're snared.

Mock me, I'm convulsing.
I'm clutching
Swallow line by line
The script fed
From official sources
Experts without knowledge
Take the stand

Deflect attention from the questions
Fast and pure desolation
Lust the blood in my brain
Hard and dry destruction
Wet under the neutron rain
Die in this Holocaust
Scream the deflect
Don't come over here my solar system's in ruin
All I need is a little bit of glue
I'm under construction
Contradictions rising we must deflect
done and said.
No kind of cash
Deflects the lash.
If you chose to play -
There's hell to pay.
Are you happy now?
The alarm's been set
For the monkey
Gods for the beasts
An hour dead

Deflects our eggs on latitude
0, 1 degree, I trusted you
No, don't explain

Moving in clipped tempos making
Sad dreams
deflect it to someone else
It's too late, we all participate in the kill party
And read each other's thoughts with the r-a-d-a-r
And ever increasing
I'll say, not a bad day
Maybe I'll jut my chin
Put on a cheesy grin
Shrug my shoulders
And deflect what's coming in
Maybe I can take the heat
into something
No one can control
The ones who forgot us
When the dam finally broke
Were longing for silence
When the universe spoke

out of control
Deflect the blame, for political gain

Gunz 4 hire, gunz 4 hire
Gunz 4 hire, gunz 4 hire
The game has changed but we remain the same
wrong with me

There's a pain I've denied
I can try but I can't deflect it
Can I really be up
When the whole world is down?

You took time
Someone said, where you going?
Someone said to you, goodbye
They deflect the disrespect when they say that they blame it on the times
They blame it
to blame
Don't try to deflect

The International Killer
No more a private thriller
It is coming for you and me
Mankind has set it free

There is a big dump
his power
A bolt, of blue
Crashes on from high
Like an arrow straight at Braveheart
He deflects it with his sword
With this the legions of the Duke
Useless as a lighthouse on the moon
Avoidance holds the lighter to the spoon

Call me
When you need someone to listen to you
of positivity.
I deflect curses thrown my way.
I regret not saying

I must be blind.
To not have seen the signs.
Such a pretty little thing,
So much prettier
Watch the flickering candle
And a mirror angled to deflect a scandal

So when the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears

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