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Saddam Hussein with it
Watch your step, the floor is slippery
I'm too clean (I'm too clean)
This is what they telling
They say I'm Dapper (Dapper)
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Dapper dan
Yeah Im the man
Call my shooter
Dapper Dan
I left a nigga on read 'cause I felt like it
Dress me down in that Raf, Saint Laurent jacket
Dapper, dapper, I look fine and my checks divine
Oh, it's hard to be a Christmas Wrapper
I'm on the front line making your presents look more dapper
Smooth me over your gifts let my pretty paper
more dapper
Chase all of these rappers
Rolex flex hard call me man like Donald Draper

I'mma be more dapper
Chase all of these rappers
Rolex flex hard
audience when niggas clappin' (niggas clap, niggas clap)
I ain't into groupies when they actin' (I'm not)
I don't put on Gucci 'less it's Dapper (Dapper
If you a lil fish you won’t understand 
I Drop my nuts i never switch the plan
Bitch I’m so fresh i feel like dapper dan 
In my city I’m El Capitan.
Whole lotta, a lot of fake rappers
Whole lotta, a lot of fake dappers
Whole lotta, a lot of fake trappers
Whole lotta, a lot of fake swagger
cama cama
No libi libe laba laba
No libi libe laba laba
Sew sena maye dapper dapper
Dapper dapper
Sew sena maye dapper dapper
We ok we a guh party
We ok
I don’t be in my feelings you should know that
Drop the top and take a selfie now they call me Kodak
Dancing in that Wave Master call me dapper dan
Ayo Diom
Spic and span like Dapper Dan
Cold and bold like Grace Jones
Spic and span like Dapper Dan
One more time look yeah
Spic and span
Ah Ah
Walk in that bitch with a fan 
I don't plan on playing 
I'm dapper, I'm dapper like Dan
Walk in that bitch look like i own some land 
Straight out
a man)
Roc Nation brunch, dappin' Dapper Dan (Dapper Dan)
Niggas go missing when I'm done with the shit (ah)
The kitchen keep beggin' me to bag up grams
got another story
That I bet you haven't heard
Did you know that Santa
Has a secret agent bird

He's Penguin, James Penguin
That dapper little guy
Diamond Soul Bandit
I hope you like the album
We hadda put in overtime
Ride of die
Trapper god
Rapper guy
Dapper vibe
Caption kong
Back abroad
Hair looking dapper she said I’m her favourite rapper
No I’m not afraid that I won’t make it
Devil on my side yeah I shapeshift
Heading for the crown
Ain't no Jon gotti but my Johnson is dapper
In my 97 bumping After da Kappa
This the type of shit that she be Downloadin from Napster
Fuck You
My naam is Pinkee
Ek's 'n dapper muis, kyk hoe stap ek deur die huis
En daar's niks waarvoor ek skrik nie
Vir niemand is ek bang, daar's niks wat my
Yeah, yeah, ey

Harlem Fan, uh (yeah), Jacke Dapper Dan, uh yeah (Dapper Dan)
Mit der Gang, uh (Gang), Cash by MoneyGram, uh (ja)
Leute denken,
Daarom guy, daarom zwanger, daarom ben ik rapper
Daarom hier, daarom Brussel, nooit iets fucking anders
Altijd real, altijd dapper want ik ken niks
Yo all a mine gwarn like a dapper
All a mine gwarn like a dem
All a dem gwarn like a hero like dem name superman
Ya disrespect ma DJ ah we ya program
big up
Gal if you're fat and you're buff and you're buffer or dapper
Put your hand inna the air and just big up
Say wa
Jump and skin out 'cause you
with no rappers
Yeah, she used to fuck with a actor
She don't like him no more
Now she like rappers
Rich white boy
I don't dance but I'm dapper
out a sky like a falling bird
Tell beenie people in a dem beenie world
Che Dapper him na waan kill no more beenie bird
Me no waan no powder fe powder

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