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the code 
And you don't like the way 
The way i'm treating you 
It is just dalliance 
It won't be dangerous 

No need to tell me off (turn it up i can't
paliers babe
Fuck les alliés, j'suis un alien, j'fais pas d'alliance 
Une seule balle placé dans le barillet
J'ai les moyens pour franchir  tous les paliers
leave me dead
It's a splendid dalliance
It's the imminent collapse

Plug my eyes into this wreck
This machine will kill me dead
It's a splendid dalliance
Of dalliance with a demon thing
Demon thing!

Of dalliance
With a demon thing, yeah!
Of dalliance
With a demon thing!

Sad to remember, sick with years
The swift
staring at you cameo spirit||this is when the night moves|for the morning dove|cameo spirit|this is the dalliance of love|cameo spirit...|she's just like
it seems so inconsequential
The dalliance of our younger years
The weathering of our memories
Serves only to conjure our worst fears
Where are you now
There was a time when we were lovers
Now it seems you just want me behind bars
Our dalliance has made you scorn
Well I'd rather be hated than ignored

and dreaming
Summer breeze, nothing more

Just a dalliance
Just a fever
Got no tolerance
For your eggshell ego

You're a bad idea
Don't treat your mama right
I've never been this accountable-less and within
I've never known focusless-ness of any form
I've never had this lack of ache for dalliance
To let
heard you won the war,
they said you won the war on yourself.

Shoot me if my dalliance turned into a habit,
the tattoo on my arm hell it's just a kid
silence, toi tu fais rien, mais t'es bruyant
Tu connais les ambiances, on ne fait jamais d'alliance (on ne fait jamais d'alliance)

Touche à la daronne,
porterais notre drapeau
A l'infini romery

L'arche d'alliance inch'Allah
Les mêmes mots, la même voie
Inévitable Karma,
Envers et contre
te perdras dans le livre
Des grands noyés

La Seine, fiancée de France
A des centaines d'alliances
Ce sont des ponts
Du sud au nord qui la marient
on a la corde au cou

Et puis un matin malgré toute la
Que nous avons eue, on va comme à la
À corps défendant signer le contrat
on a la corde au cou

Et puis un matin malgré toute la
Que nous avons eue, on va comme à la
À corps défendant signer le contrat
Maid, truly I see now it must be a long way down
And with love's bud shorn
Now must all dalliance hither crumble and wither
Oh strange, methought
Hunt, sing and dance
My heart is set
All goodly sport

For my comfort
Who shall me let?

Youth must have some dalliance
Of good or ill some
he wants to hear
And so you got another chance
But I was yours for seven years
Is that what you call a dalliance?
You don't care, now that you're
sing and dance 
my heart is set 
all goodly sport for my comfort 
who shall me let 

youth will needs have dalliance 
of good or ill some pastance

I was in the chess club
Didn't have a swimming pool much less a true love
Didn't have a dalliance much less a hot tub
I was just a brain whose
We're just problems in a world without a care
You're a dalliance of mine and it's going nowhere
Cause it's true -
My hearts not in my mind
Our peace
Invite me to lie down
Give us one last chance
As you approach me
Getting on your knees
Your deepest feelings
Were the missing key

Tell me stud,
It's stupid that humans chat while neither's trying to listen
Social introvert lying with Gaia beneath the astral sheets
A blissful dalliance, relaxing
squandering my talents or embarked on a mistake
What's with wandering through dalliance if the hearts don't break
Or even take

If I'm all alone in this

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