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Tear down reminders of a crownless king
This impostor claims authority
Indignation is closing in
You choose a war, a war you cannot win
No one, no
Crownless again shall be the queen 
Trophy on her grave still remains unseen 
A boat on the river confessing the sins 
The Riddler revealing
liverpool would say
That she never knew a man
Like me

She fell in love with my brazilian kiss
She didn't know I was a crownless prince
Maybe when I come home
The crownless again shall be king
Years in isolation
The Dunedain moves on
Shrouded hidden strider
The ranger time forgot
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
Holy, Holy
God Almighty

Holy, Holy, God Almighty
Crownless glory, Lord of light
Holy, Holy, we exalt Thee
King of Kings be lifted high

Holy, Holy, God
me a king
And crownless now, standing alone
Hearing you cry for your liberty
A darkened sun A crownless king
A fading hope, mistaken way, a foolish man
of Fire,
For the Judgment of the Gods

A Circle of Fire Loki sings
A Chorus of Lies, the Crownless King
Who rides on the Wind? Who rides on the Sky? Be gone
Bullets fly 'til your chest leak, 
Treat you like you a crownless chess piece. 
Middle finger never up, that's a substituted waste. 
Why would
From the ashes a fire shall be woken
A light from the shadows shall spring
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
The crownless again shall be king
and honour
Let the world divided and take them
Crown its monarchs and unmake them
But Thou
Thou it reign

Here in abasement
a crownless king
A subjugated dream
I came, I saw, I conquered
Today I taste betrayal
you need as your saving grace
And I've been stuck somewhere between crownless kings and big city dreams
They raise me up just to watch me fall
In it ruled flames torching pain awesome
Lessons had me down crownless, doubt's a parasite 
Leeching off your mountain sight, because that's half
Under a starless sky
In the darkness
I am a broken crownless king
A monument of sadness
In a rigid prayer pose
A thousand nails on my tongue
Oh yes I'd love to see, 
A crownless peach
In her bright pink cart,
Where the mushrooms are

But its just a game, 
The same one that you played, 
The crownless king asks her to be always around 
Let us take seat on the throne of constant heat
And we will be a wild wild wild nobility
That's all I'm asking
no more 
That's why everyone leaves

And then she cried
Crownless queen of empty days 
She had lost sight
Of what matters in life
She was alone

All hail the crownless kings
Redemption in the suffering
Fighting for my life
Darkest hour, overpower
I am free
Forged in the fire, I am remade
speaking crownless king
Always learning
Never gonna stop
My only goal is to aim for the top

Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
I know I
The bane potion
Perpetual damnation

The queen' soul sorrow
Her Kingdom comes into oblivion
The crownless' heart fate
It stained the soil with
throne and tainted wonder
That made me king of an affliction 
I spared comfort in becoming
A crownless man awaiting no one

reached by the frost From the ashes a flame shall be woken From the shadows a new
Light shall spring Renewed is the hope that was broken As the crownless
Wind blows over me
Alone flies the crow
Hope, the crownless king
All for one, one for none
We reap what we sow
Alone flies the crow
the stream,but rather sink to lay still, lifeless, on the riverbed. Did I once refuse to embrace the Current? I', the Crownless King, carrying the burden of what

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