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a while mister D.J.
Why don't you please spend one of them a songs

Will you listen to me please
And spend me a song by the late Jimmy Reed
Will you
Love Song Of Jimmy And Angela

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled,
"Adolescent Drama - Six Originals From The Residency Play,
Ya know the one behind Jimmy’s bar
Whistling by like a shooting star
Its rhythm reminds me of the rain

And let’s go swimming in that river
Were you raised by the river 
Down by the low, low land 
Where the air is dark and sinister?
In the nigh there's no safe place to stand 
Hid in
Jimmy Buffett & Carrie Fisher
It's the reason for livin'
That's what I'm givin'
I don't need a history lesson
To tell my why 

I mean I'm in no
And she'll never be

[Chorus2: Jimmy]
Take a look around 
And know that you're lettin' go
The best love you'll ever know

[Verse2: Jimmy]
It's just
Burtram, burtram redneck!

I'm an awful nice guy.
Worked all day in the sun.
I'm a roofer by trade,
Quite a bundle I've made,
I'm a unionized roofin'
in love, yeah, friends call her crazy
Met him at a party, they started dating
Daddy's little angel, Momma's little lady
Only sixteen now Brenda's got
Well, I'm from the Midwest
I know enough to cut a path
Around a wood chipper

And be careful
Of any conversation
A man starts by callin' you
She says I look like a Jimmy Cagney
She makes me feel like cherry wine
I'm gonna take down to the valley 
This time around I'm gonna make her mine
We got the crazy crew
You think you coming we say
"Na na na" we got the block locked up
The foes that oppose me by proxy,

They try to get foxy
Whatcu crazy
Since a buck tooth baby
Doc is like straight "Fuck you! pay me" like Jay-Z
Lazy niggas complain
Doc load up the cartridge and start
Man, let's go
Hey yo Fif'


Come on and tell 'em
It's time to hate us again
We're back
Ha ha

Jimmy can crack corn, but I don't care
was fly
Grabbed me by my hand and I thought I would die
Said she wanted to take me home to make love
Now that's the kind of rap that brothers dream
We got the crazy crew
You think you coming we say-
"Na na na" we got the block locked up 
"Na na na" we got the block locked up 
"Na na na" we
[Master P]

Ha Ha Ha
Most niggas might think I'm crazy when I tell em this 
(Yeah G) 
But you know what most nigga look up to like Presidents
jimmy be jabbin' it
Wanted me to cut her up I said never
She said imagine it with the tip of her butcher knife
I think I took her life
This crazy
And the next thing you know, old Jimmy's awake
Believe that, Jimmy has to get loose
I recommended her to be my personal masseuse
She's a real fly girl if you get
My buzz is crazy in the hood, they holla my name
If it ain't about the flow, it's 'bout the stones and the chain
If I was you, I'd love me too, I
Whatcu crazy??!!? 
Since a buck tooth baby, Doc 
Is like straight fuck you pay me like Jay-Z 
Lazzy Niggas complain 
Doc load up
a year by the riverside, I'd bring it here
Apply it gently
To the love you've lent me

While the river was twisting and braiding, the bait bobbed
club, shoot, stab, sell crack
Straight like that
We eat, sleep, shit street life
Straight like that
We get knocked by the same ?
Straight like that
They couldn't keep me
So they tried to keep my baby
See them two are crazy
Alesha was feisty
So I found me the best of both worlds, that's
this bitch wasn't innocent, she was guilty by far
Found a used jimmy hat in my car
And she had told me she was going to her mothers, well..
She can tell
like my outfit.
I tried everything in my closet.

Nothing feels right when I'm not with you.
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choo's.
Take 'em off