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that move?
Show respect that we are all due
Got everything to prove
The counterpunch awaits you, oh, oh

Learn to live with change, it'll start to be
Last year's dis didn't amount to much
You swung first, now here's the counterpunch
The only way you get attention on your records 
Is cause you talk
Time constraints why I hate music biz
I counterpunch clocks, pay no attention what time it is
Chop shit, bend notes, clear no samples
Drop my
Get em out the grind
Not a nine to five
This is more like my 7 P Until
Not the everyday
But something you can feel
Plus no feedback
hit u up
If we need you
But i dont really think
We need to
Tried to block me once
And i seent you
Block kick counterpunch
Treat you like a powder puff
Something creeping up, I had a slight hunch
Then I saw the guy, hit me with a counterpunch
I don’t even know what to think at this point
Is it something I
me... Chill
Got their minds in a Cyclonis state
My Counterpunch make em think they're fighting heavyweights
So keep going talking all that Jazz
Cuz your
soaking up the money like sponge
If you tryna stop what I'm doing hit you up in the face with the counter-punch
Please just try and stop what I'm doing
Hold tha Rap game down on clutch (Oo)
Intercept, with a counterpunch (Woo)
Buffet, only had three bites (Let's go)
Don't shoot till ya see tha whites
A heartstrong direction, hope they respond to the message
Pain of the world, this how I digest it
Counter-punch opposition with venomous optimism
Statistics are
told u niggas u can't touch me
Let u think u got a chance
Hit em wit the combo counterpunch
Like boom bap
*bap bap
Sent him to his cutman
This the main
I rap for the change only
Counter-punch suckers for lunch, I'm James Toney
You got the star look, but your ring and your chain's phony
Back of 'The
sweating hard I feel my heart
Thumping like an 808 uh huh OK
If you wanna mess with us
Sink you with a counter-punch

Honeys if you're gay
Burn it up
Hit the game and counter-punch
And the ashtray full of roach
Love turn straight to loathe
Residue still on my clothes
Residue still on my hands

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