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a merry dance
Let's give stupidity a chance

Forget political correctness
I mean, W-T-F!
I don't wanna think about the world
I wanna talk about
Thereĺs too much judging
And I canĺt hang
But I 'm a hypocrite 'cause I constantly complain
Political correctness makes me sick
They took a good
And I can't stop believing
That you'd be so deceiving
And I thought thoughts of vengeance
For pride and my correctness
But urging of my pride, goes
don't know
What rhymes with want
I don't know
What rhymes with runt
Political correctness is really dumb
It's something you have under your thumb
Or maybe
Not to cause waves cuz I'm going for full political correctness
But by songs end, in your panties, all you'll feel is wetness
With cops in hot
you in marshmallow
Health and safety gone wild
Political correctness run amok
Health and safety gone wild
We're coating you in marshmallow
correctness making fools of us all
Wall Street bankers having a ball
ISIS terrorists are at our back door
Political correctness tying the hands of the CORE
to say

Are you hot or cold

Now I'm aware of political correctness
I will fight for the ladys rights
But watch me close as I correct this
I try to do it
chorus of correctness
But I don't want to hear it anymore
Now these days the car seats and open container laws
Show sure correctness, leaves no room for Santa Claus
Sitting right next to me she looks like
of how
Political correctness is the word of now
The spirit of the money is the sound of the time
There's something coming up to change your mind
I said, "fuck euphemism"
Cis butt-fuck my cis clit
You're hypocritical political correctness ain't legit 
I mean it, fuck euphemism
I say what I
the vision
To be a winner, is never ever mather of how,
political correctness is the word of now
The spirit of the money is the sound of the time
to something reckless
Unpopular opinions, no political correctness
Never expect me to choose sides
We trying to choose something effective
these lines the loudest

The barrier falls down

You liar
You lie

Correctness is in no way connected to the volume of your voice

You dance around your
the hurting that's shown
Fuck political correctness
If you want to send a message
Let us know the redder seldom tale
Don't send us better ventures
In the end,
overdosed and died

But you can stop all this madness
Take off our masks
And show our true faces
But we're afraid of social correctness

Dear Father
Let me
with a small handful of bankruptcies 
Mein Kampf minded
Billions in debt to China 
Political correctness, grab them by the vagina (woo!)
Maybe I'm a natural loser 
Who will never ever outmanoeuvre me 
I'm treading carefully 
On the eggshells underneath 

I'm giving up on correctness 
Some got the calling
And didn't make it up out of bed
Heute morgen
Oh that was german
Politically correctness
Today about to minimize the lewdness
now where nobody can say anything at all
It's political correctness gone mad I tell you 
I guess, I guess that means we're not going to be getting jiggy
Lets make (Make)
Lets make america groovy again

Fuck political correctness, fuck the hospital collections
Fuck your 100k necklace, and to hell with
it all the same
Spring forward into action and prepare for pain
I carry buckets of water held in the steel-less stain
Blame auto correctness I hope you
maker, before your mark is due
That's how we do it old school
Cast off political correctness; stand up for old sweet home
You just might be a witness when

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