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this yellow gold on me gold grill like corn kernels stuck in my teeth
Name another nigga live like me
Name another clique hard as we
Always put my best
Something up with him
Looking like Steve Urkel
Popping like kettle corn
You'll Pfennig like Cartman
With the kfc
Pop you in the eye boom
I pop out like a fucking corn kernel
You unfinished like a half circle
I'm a fucking god I'm eternal
Is it fear of being drafted
Front line in a war
Is it fear dot com, or being shot
Kettle corn kernel, scared of being popped
You scared of the deep
also corn kernels
Traveling the land in many colors and varieties
I signify life in abundance for everyone
Not just you

I've been to heaven because they
I can use my sock or I can use my shirt
Need a way to wipe up this gravy train
Can't get the corn kernels down the drain

I'm stuck on the bowl
Go, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Yo, I swear Tommy gon' get it, he done did me wrong
I had plans to buy more land, plant corn
Bust kernels on heat, work hard
Or a huge corn kernel when it pops!
And even more surprising than this
Is when you hear it play double stops
Slap That Bass! Pluck those strings!
go big, go big, looking like a kid in all
Big Boi, Big L, Big Sean, Biggie Smalls
Looking like a corn kernel, 'bout to pop
You'll never make it
Go, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Yo, I swear Tommy gon' get it, he done did me wrong
I had plans to buy more land, plant corn
Bust kernels on heat, work hard
she's good and keeps control
I'll jelly fill that donut hole

Toilet stew is on the floor
Kernel corn and Dinty Moore
Take a crap until it hurts
Bad case
before the show comes on
We want some popcorn!
It taste so good and it’s almost gone… POPCORN!!!!!
Pop it pop it kernel to the corn
When the kernel gets
Corn Syrup
Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
Fruit Juice from Concentrate
Less than 2% Citric Acid, Tapioca Dextrin, Gelatin
Apple Juice
that it's the
End of the world

Kernel Corn, comin' in hot
You better be ready for my Butter Barage
With a jumping Husk Hop and
A well-aimed Shuck Shot
this Kernel of knowledge
it's a marvel of ear-chitecture

The mighty palace of corn
Not constructed of it but adorned
So raise your chalice
Let's have
And what I feel could be wrong 

You were never lost so you couldn't be found 
We were never stopped so we couldn’t be wound 
Just a kernel of corn in a big
own corn, eat the leftover kernels

I like it cute, I keep it cuddly
I like it warm, I keep it toasty
I like it big, I do it boasty
But I keep it real,
the smoke like Jamaican
Stop faking n start behaving
Don't test my patience I loose it quick
Screws loose got changed like an asian
If the corn get bussed
heatin' up
With dry kernels of corn around me
I'm comin' up
It ain't no way to down me
I got the flow
It ain't no way to drown me
I can't fail my conscience
they was soft on a step like turtles
Don't come round talking bout corn
When the only corn u seen in a kernel
I shoulda had your bitch but I departed
this kernel of corn.
For what now ?
I have to store food for the winter.
How can you think of winter
on such a fine day ?
We're enjoying ourselves.
making moves that’ll change lives for everybody in they circle
I’m trying to make this corn pop ever since a kernel 
These Orville Redenbacher’s flows 
the Finncraft came ripping my way

We're known all around our crimes are cereal
Vanish in the air we're all mysterious
Gonna grab a kernel make a crop circle
'em in a cheap spot
Knee drop
Kick him in the chin that's a sweet spot
I know that hurt bro
Asking for the corn and you get popped just like

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