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Ok no more 0 and 10
Back at bat again
Still aiming high
Coordinating everything I got
Yeah We still aiming for the fence wait uh
Ok no more 0 and 10
know how to behave
Nothing but truffles in this paper, I ain't burning no sage
Coordinating, wore this watch 'cause it go with my Js
I love girlies, waxing and milking
Coordinating shit is my man Dave Scilken
Predetermined destiny is who I am
You got your finger on the trigger
of lyricists, rhymes coordinating
Einstein of lyrics, mad psychopath
Rather listen to the Trag on your phonograph
Original Asiatic, rhymatical mechanic
The Jackson Pollack effect 
Without directly coordinating men it's jump Watership Down 
Dissension, to kill the pig and pay the rent invention
Been getting to the bands
Fuck yo end-zone dance
I was coordinating sacks
Before you played any lines back
Rest in Peace to Nipsey
Any hating is wack
the box
Coordinating, running plays back
I got blues
Like a nigga play for Duke
That's the reason why shorty on my line
Talking bout she on demon time
on you today

She is coordinating quality
Down at the I.M.V. StatOil SAG Hydro Facility
Mihaela, oh my Consuela
From Venezuela
I'll never fail you, I'll
to know failure my goal's to go later
Sailors on solar flares coordinating dances 
So I stare go I dare swim in Atlantis
Before I dive in so prepared
I just
fantasize bout strangulating
Coordinating with the feds fi mi fail
End up in jail without bail
Now light it up the malatov cocktail. Suh now me watch dem
brother,my sister or father could even help me get me through it
It's like my rubrics cube the colours wasn't coordinating
I'd shift and move but everything
trace in the ground) 
We just had to lose our minds in awe
This blue is never temporary, I'll bide my time
Have fun coordinating your two heads, this
I aint a regular nigga 
Wasnt born to be ordinary
I aint been waisting no time 
I been moving low key coordinating
Yall niggas more than faking
Coordinating everything, keep it on track 
I win with the losses I learn to adapt
The one with the vision so I got the map
It's important I focus this shit get
like this I'm at the crib sad
Textin him yep blowing him up
And he's so mad
Coordinating colors everything has to match
Make sure I'm the flyest 
mouth when you addressing me bitch
I’m sorry fans I had to shit on my haters,
I’ll be selling out staples coordinating with the lakers
Taking Russ’
the all rapping
Coordinating everything
I'm like a fuckin atlas
Niggas always ball
But they never go attack it
That's why they never making Moves they ain't
a girl coordinating colors and I hope she knows my name
And I hope she knows my name
And I hope she knows my name
And I hope she knows my name
a pound of purp
Coordinating head to toe dripping hard you would think I was selling work, but I'm not bitch
Pull up flexin I'm a class act
Big fat dutch
He see's the ghost in himself he don't believe in himself
Lingering days of when he tasted her mouth
Her lipstick was intoxicating coordinating her
in a few hours
And I never did hear from you
I know it's hard, uh, coordinating timing
But, if you would respond, you know
Soon as you get an alert
drinks with firefly lights
Coordinating beach days for love ones to treasure
A salty breeze we'll always remember forever
Savoring the sun soaked skies
composed, you can't do it by yourself
Coordinating plays like we in the NFL
some of Y'all true Hollywood stories
And the shit ain't coordinating With your Instagram stories 
Bro that's corny and now you in A cappin category

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