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How You Continue Dreaming (Refrigerator) · Le Combat Continue (Ideal J) · Strong Will Continue (Nas) · We Continue (C) · New Kids: Continue (iKon)

Ladies and gentlemen, due to circumstances beyond our control
We are unable to continue our broadcast of dance music
We shall continue now with our
The Nightmare Continues

And still men and women drag out their lives in misery
The nightmare continues 

Blinded disfigured and mentally
しゃがれた声で 明日を呼ぶ
傷だらけの手で 君守る
I continue to fight
I continue to fight
見つめ合い 手と手を重ねて
出口のない 君のもとへ
And I hide behind the shield of my illusion

So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end
And flowers never bend
With the rainfall
Now it all begins or continues to
Spiral down, spiral down

I've laid it out on paper
Instructions of what to do
As my mind begins to waver
A と z の 0と1の

いま coding you, coding you
絶えず coding you
Coding you, coding you

ただ continue, continue
It continues

It continues, it continues, it continues to escape me
It's not quite right the way you're trying to ape me
Observing my movements,
This time it's real
Jealousy fuels
My creativity
We'll make this better

Better than
It's been before
Continue to believe
Everything you read
Firstly, you begin.
Secondly, you continue.
Thirdly, you end.
Never seem to realize

That this can't continue!

Working hard, digging in

Digging your own grave!
Do I be, do I be of love
Do I contain love
Should I persuade you
To not continue
Should I persuade you
Do not continue
The game
Do I be, do I
the wind
Like the wild wild wind tearin' the roof off somebody's heart
In a way I hope that we might continue somehow as friends

In a way I hope that we

But the musical box continues to turn
The candle in the window continues to burn
But I know they're just memories
Like Christmas past and you
what I feel
And I hide behind the shield of my illusion.
So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And Flowers Never Bend With
to win
My strength to survive
A lot of people counted me out
And that feeds my hunger
And ignites my passion to continue my journey
I will continue
to continue when I feel I really shouldn't
How to remember how to be good
How to continue when I feel I really shouldn't

Help me granddaddy to see
Decide now!
Decide now before you continue
The list is complete without your permission
I finally know how, I finally can't quit
And ancient
strong to your faith
Continue, Continue, continue on, on


Sweeet Justice
Sweet Sweet Justice
Sweet Sweet Sweeeeeet Justice
I deny you
I defy you to continue.

I defy you to continue.

In honor of the strife of those who've died
In generations before your blood
do you think you are?

You don't even know me
But you think you're a god
You continue to show me
That you're only a fraud

Open your eyes
are leaving,
They only tried to frighten us with guns, we shall return,"
Continue with your work, continue with your talk
You have it in your hand
Continue to prat aloud 
Their evil news
You'll have to take my word 
When I tell you I love you 
I love you (I love you)

The power of gossip is always
I'd like to strap you on sometime
I'd like to strap you on sometime
I'd like to strap you on sometime
(Continue to repeat)
and remorphed back to the body once again. Continue the investigation with special attention given to one word. Magica!

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