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It shines not with a light of it's own,
Yet casts a glow to earth.
Voices from generations past,
Have sung about it's worth.

the choice you have made
Contemplate your last breath
As you see the face of death
Contemplate your last breath
Breath, slowly breath
The pain in
To hope until hope creates
From its own wreck
The thing it contemplates
Sort of immortal
Never say goodbye
You are here now
I tried to murder the lonely,
Contemplate our mortality.

Into infinity,
Frozen memory

Wipe the tears from yesterday,
A time for change, take
children starve"
He whispered to the dripping roof into the candled dark

Contemplate contracts of gold
Just wave your hand and relinquish control
Summer is miles and miles away
And no one would ask me to stay

And I should contemplate this change
To ease the pain
And I should step out of the rain
Spiral down question fate
Spiral down it's too late
Formulated opinion
Distortion division
Stop and contemplate
Your decision and your fate
aren?t going like I?ve worked ?em out

I think I just might spend the day looking up at the clouds above
Laying around and contemplate, life and love
And Concentrate -Concentrate -Concentrate
Now Contemplate -Contemplate -Contemplate
All of the things that you can't understand or define
for a prayer 

Going down 
Breakin' down 
I'm underground 
Time four prayer isolate 
I contemplate 
Time four a prayer physical 
I'm miserable
All afternoon I sit alone and contemplate the joy I've known
And suddenly my thoughts are all of you
I feel the sun I see the trees that gentle
pressure estimate
The haze I wish to never break 
And to never contemplate
For the sake
Of momentum
For the sake
Of momentum
Of momentum
the ground
While confusion strains my mind
I contemplate this time
Thinking about a future
Hemming it with a suture
Dog shitting on the sign could
Falls on me
All life folds back
Into the sea
We contemplate eternity
Beneath the vast indifference of heaven

The past seems realer than
What's holding up her face 
Nothing but blue skies
Passage ways the mind's eye
the till
Down at the 7-11
Gentle rain
Falls on me
All life folds back
Into the sea
We contemplate eternity
Beneath the vast indifference of heaven

The past
That's the source I won't contemplate
You can't tear my shell away
Blood flow, cash flow
Welcome to a rotten show
Experience the brutality

Violate, vile hate
Your actions are hard to contemplate
The way it used to be
Contemplate suicide
End this life
End this life now
Of thoughts to my being I wonder
I contemplate my inner self
My senses' only assailant
In this reality

So I rise above my creation
Into my
You know it takes a lot to faze me 
Whenever you're around

And you say 
It's too late 
And all the storms in life
You have to contemplate
look down or contemplate
You're doin' fine, you're makin' it
Fix both your eyes and concentrate
Step at a time you're takin' it
Don't look down, just
I still wanna be a spaceman
Explore a distant land
As we contemplate the credible
Unfold the master-plan
And we say jump and they say, how high?
We have moved though time
Contemplate gold signs
Majik eyes a must
Dragons in the dust
Papalcy, the cult of existence
My demons run

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