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tonight I need some consummation

May the Lord forgive us
May the God's be with us
And that magic hour
I seen good Christians
Make brash decisions
Concentrate on television, sleeping pills, or lying still
But I have to know the cause if I'm to cure the disease

Recess, reach the edge of consummation
the call of a kiss
Desire walks on
Desire walks on
It wants to be held - possessed
It wants consummation
It moves on obsessed
Bloodstream through pipes

You say you're thirsty
So I pour the wine
The bottle's empty
But there's no consummation

Before you came along
It was all beautiful
we could have it all
It neither of us drops the ball
Far away behind a wall

Destination: consummation
Systems go in preparation
For Operation
we had so much to travel on
Can you hold the love I gave in joyful consummation
You're the one who knows and now you're gone

Can you see my reflection
subject to a man 
The final consummation is according to His plan 

He's still got you He's still got me in His hands tonight
the way for ragin, Techaholics, makin havens
Next to all this hate and craze and death, we call it a place of consummation
of perfection,
of her war, 
She waits the consummation 
Of peace forevermore; 
Till, with the vision glorious, 
Her longing eyes are blest, 
And the great church
they could walk forever
On the earth alone unfettered
Until they pray for consummation
Until they beg for sweat damnation
Then I'll come and bring
don't do shit in moderation
Me and god got our own relation
Fuck a session this a congregation
Fucking bitches, that's consummation
(I swear this shit
The pressure of your body down 
Consummation of a naked heart, yeah 

Well on every state line 
I'm workin' on love 
I'm workin' on you 
Well on every
I'm waiting for contemplation
I'm waiting for confrontation
Waiting for a place to
Lay my body down

The proud encasing of another soul
Buried deep
waiting for consummation
I'm waiting for contemplation
I'm waiting for confrontation
Waiting for a place to
Lay my body down

The proud encasing
'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep
To sleep, perchance to dream, ay
There's the rub, for in that sleep of death what
In the midst of consummation she caused me aggravation 
When she started messing with that dial 

Don't you change that song 
It's my favourite
conversation and some good vibrations
Headed into consummation, baby, thank you for your patience
You always keep me waiting, tryna build up the sensation
Ain't no fees attached to this feature
Whether it's by conversation or consummation
You always wanted him to go deeper
It seems like he tryna stop you
mother, may I please submit, the notion that I no longer believe in this shit? 
Lay me on the consummation bed, a fatal blow driven to the maidenhead.
A consummation of unholy love 
Between two children of the night 
As all time dissolves into a crimson dream 
Into a crimson dream 

Forever lasts our love,
brute aggression

Ammunition - piercing bullets ripping flesh
Opposition - legacy of hate repressed

Consummation of prediction
Bleeding wounds
consummation was expected
But damn I hoped that making them bump would do something for relations

I think I made a mistake
'Cause everything's
Say yes to me, take this ??? in destiny
Say I do, make me believe it

Ten months of marriage and no consummation
Right there for the taking

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